Saving Money On Your Cell Phone Bill

Posted on December 9th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

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This seems to be the year the year of the cell phone for me…Not in a good way. Earlier this year, I dropped my phone in water and had to replace it. Then, yesterday I dropped my phone (which I have done many times before without any harm being done to the phone) and shattered the screen. Yuck! The only positive thing about this process is that our cell phone contract has expired and we are free to make some changes if we would like to. We are looking around at all our options in an effort to cut some of our cell phone costs. The whole process got me thinking about ways to save money on our cell phone bills. Whether your phone’s screen is in shattered or in tact, we can all benefit from saving a little money, right?

1. Review Your Bill Regularly

Make sure to check over your bill periodically. Check to make sure that the plan you are paying for is the one that suits your needs best. I have had periods of time that I have looked over a month or a three month period to see if I’m paying for more minutes and/or features that I actually use. Of course, the opposite could be true also. If you are using more, it may be cheaper to increase the number of minutes or features in order to avoid overage fees.

2. Re-Think Insurance

Experts suggest buying insurance for the first 6 months to a year. After that, the value of the phone decreases and you are more likely to get an upgrade at a discount (or free). In my case, I thought that my insurance I was paying for my first phone would transfer to the new device. However, I looked over my bill and realized that our carrier stopped charging for insurance after I replaced the water logged phone. Another reason to check that phone bill a little more frequently!

3. Consider A No Contract Or Pre-Paid Plan

That’s what my husband and I are looking into now. Did you know that at the beginning of this year, more than 30% of smartphone users were on a pre-paid plan? I didn’t know that! Here’s a great article explaining and showing (via graphs) the price comparisons over a two year period. We haven’t decided yet; but, we really like this idea. This way you’re more likely to actually use what you pay for and you risk no overage charges.

How do you save money on your cell phone bill?

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