Saving Money On Meat

Posted on March 24th, 2014 by Discount Debbie

One of the more expensive grocery items that we have on our list is meat. While an important part of our diet, it can be unhealthy for our budget. For this reason we have found a few ways to save money on meat while still being able to enjoy it in our diet.


Canned fish and chicken are far less expensive than buying it from the chilled meat department. Canned meat in a chicken or tuna helper saves money. One can is the amount usually used per box. If canned meat just isn’t for you or your family, you can also try frozen skillet meals. These usually come with their own meat and cook up as fast as a chicken helper meal. These meal ideas don’t just save money when buying meat. They also save time at the end of a busy day and still give the family a well rounded meal.


Buying freezable meat in bulk is another way to save money on meat, so long as I am willing to put the effort in when we get the meat. I often get a large package of chicken thighs or legs. When I get home I divide the chicken into sets of three (the number of people eating in my family) and put each set into freezer bags. I then write the date I bought the meat onto the bag and toss them in the freezer. Doing this with one package of meat has kept our family stocked for two weeks. Doing this save us from freezer burn and wasted meat. It also helps provide portion control for those who just recently stopped cooking for a larger group.

A Meatless Day

┬áMany families have instituted a meat free day. This means that we buy and use less meat. It can also be a little healthier for our bodies as well as our pocketbooks. This doesn’t mean that we avoid protein for a day. We could have a nice split pea soup or a meatless chili. We could even make it a stove free night, serving salads or other cold meals. If a meatless night isn’t for you or your family, instead try a leftover night. This will save you money on meat, reduce waste, and the food will only need to be heated up saving you time, too.

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