Saving Money on Healthier Foods

Posted on April 10th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

It’s a very common belief that it’s more expensive to eat healthy and with less processed food. And while I’ll be the first to admit that it’s almost always cheaper to buy non-organic, more boxed foods and even frozen foods, but there are some tips to help you buy those healthier foods without breaking your budget.

1. Join a food co-op. These are GREAT ways to get fresh produce and bulk foods for a great price.

2. Shop seasonly. Out of season produce is definitely more expensive, so when you can eat in season. If you want to enjoy some of those veggies or fruits all year long think about canning or freezing them.

3. Buy in bulk. It’s just cheaper.

4. Have a cow. No really, have a cow. One way we saved a ton of money was buying a cow and splitting the cost of it after the processing with another family. We paid around $2.50 a pound for all cuts of meat. That included steak as well! You can also know where your meat is coming from and assure you get the best quality.

5. Read the sales paper. Even some health stores will put out sales papers and a lot of times you can find cheaper deals than your regular foods. For example, this week Target has had Auntie Ann’s macaroni and cheese on sale for $1 a box!

6. Stock up on sale items. When you see things like olive oil and nuts buy them up. They take longer to go bad and regularly are kind of expensive items.

What are your tips for saving on healthier foods?

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