Saving Money Ethically Part 2-The Movie Theater

Posted on May 15th, 2012 by Discount Debbie

Wow, thanks for all of the responses from Facebook and here on our blog about saving money ethically. I really thought the comments were interesting about taking food into theaters when you have food allergies or are diabetic. Those are FANTASTIC examples!

I thought starting today I would give you some ways to save money on those very things we discussed. Because as many of you pointed out, those activities are very expensive and the economy is still hitting people pretty hard. First we will discuss saving money at the movie theater.

1. Go to matinees. You’ll save tons on the ticket alone. These are usually less crowded too and movies aren’t better at night.

2. Pay attention to your daily deal websites in your city. They often will do movie ticket deals that are half-off! Groupon is particularly infamous for doing this, so make sure you are signed up for their deals.

3. Go to a cheaper theater. We have two theaters here in our town. There is the big new nice one with super wide seats and it’s beautiful or you can go to the older one that is nice, but not as fancy and you’ll have $4 buck! The concessions were even cheaper at this theater too.

4. Use a discount card from AAA or even your insurance company. We use Farm Bureau for our insurance and anytime we want movie tickets, we can go buy them at their office and get $5 a ticket. They actually have tons of discounts available so check out your insurance cards for any discounts they may offer.

5. Buy multiple tickets at Costco. I am not entirely sure if Sam’s does this, but Costco does is a lot of cities. You can buy 10 tickets and spend a lot initially, but it makes the tickets a lot cheaper in the long run.

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