Saving Money At The Movies

Posted on December 2nd, 2013 by Discount Debbie

I love to go to the movies, but lately I find myself remembering the good old days when a movie ticket cost three dollars. Tickets cost quite a bit more now, and usually are bought in twos or more. So our family has learned to save money by doing these few things.


Often I find that if I want to go to a movie it’s better for me to wait until it’s no longer a new release. The theater isn’t that crowded and I enjoy the movie more. I also have found it gives me time to get reviews from friends or family that have already gone to see the movie. They are either like minded, or at least know what type of movie I like. Sometimes this even causes me to wait until the movie is out on DVD or on Netflix.

Eat First

Theater food is expensive from the drinks to the snacks. It may be the most expensive place I have ever bought Junior Mints. Many people remedy this by sneaking food inside, but others are more rule oriented. For those in the latter category it is best to plan a meal before going to the movies. It can be food at home, or a quick stop to get ice cream before the show. It may end up costing the same, but I end up with a full, and possibly healthier, meal than theater nachos and candy.

Matinees and Discounts

If it is possible I like to try to go to a matinee showing of a movie. It costs less because it’s a slower part of the day and is usually less crowded, especially on week days.  It also helps to use Senior, Student, or Military Discounts, if they are offered.

Dollar Theaters

There are theaters around that may not show the latest movies, but show movies and at lesser prices. I check online and in the phone book to see if I can find these theaters instead of frequenting the more popular chain theaters.



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