Saving Money at a Theme Park

Posted on June 25th, 2012 by Discount Debbie

Last week I mentioned that we were going to a theme park. We got home last night and although every bone in my body hurts, it was an amazing vacation. We stayed within our budget and I learned some tricks while I was there to help you save money. My husband and I were talking on the way home about how great theme parks are if you can save money by utilizing some of the strategies we used. Theme parks are great for Thrifty Divas because generally you pay one admission and you can ride whatever you want for that one price.

Here are the tips we used that will help you save money as well.

1. Buy a souvenir cup. I won’t lie, we are soda drinkers. But wow, sodas are EXPENSIVE at theme parks. Before we knew they had these amazing “all you can drink” souvenir cups, we spent $6 on two sodas. At our park, the souvenir cup was $8 and it really was all you can drink. And they didn’t care if you shared it. So for the rest of the day we shared the soda. I wish we would have known about it earlier and saved our $6. Next time you are at a theme park, check to see if they have a souvenir cup you can refill all day long.

2. Don’t buy the food! Other than our tickets, the food was EXPENSIVE. I wish we would have just packed a lunch. Even though they don’t allow you to bring food into the park, you can leave it in the car and go back to it later. They even had little picnic tables just outside the park. The food wasn’t even that good in the park, making my $5 a la carte corn dog even worse. Don’t get me wrong though my $6 funnel cake was enjoyed by my whole family and was worth every penny! But next time we would definitely just pack a lunch and spend more on cotton candy. 🙂

3. Skip the junk toys. Although those toys, hats and other fun items look great, you’ll have to pay a pretty penny for them. Whether you are trying to get the basketball into a warped basket or walking past those cute little shops by your favorite ride, you’ll spend a lot of money on low quality toys. Every time you are tempted to buy a Dr. Seuss hat, just remember they probably cost a 1/4th of what they are outside of the park.

4. Bring extra and warm clothes. I can’t believe I almost forgot extra clothes and I am glad I didn’t. It ended up being quite chilly in the morning so the warmer clothes were nice and honestly I would have had to buy something extra. Also my 3-year-old got soaked from one water ride so the extra clothes were very important. Without them, I would have HAD to buy some and wasted that money!


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