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Posted on June 12th, 2012 by Discount Debbie

Around our house, we like peanut butter. But, we love almond butter. We buy Maranatha almond butter, which comes in a glass jar. (Incidentally, I buy it from Walmart for $3.98–when I don’t have a coupon. It sells for at least double that price in most places.) A couple of years ago, a good friend told me that she started keeping her old glass jars to use as drinking glasses because it was cheap and cool at the same time. So, I started doing that with our almond butter jars.

We usually use them as drinking glasses. They have become just one of the varieties of glasses to choose from in our home. I actually love using them because there’s no confusing my glass with another.

But, I’ve found other uses for these cool drinking glasses!

I like to send my husband off to work with a healthy morning snack, hot coffee and lunch. Sometimes, however, he forgets to bring back the travel mug back. Since I keep the lids–just in case!–we have been able to use the jars with their lids as a convenient little travel mug to get the coffee safely to its destination! 😉

I also like to prepare my own chicken broth whenever possible–and I use it ALL THE TIME. I have found that putting the broth in the refrigerator in these separate containers is perfect! I can take one jar out at a time and have just what I need for each meal.

Is there something else you recycle to save money? We’d love to hear about it!

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