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Posted on March 5th, 2015 by Discount Debbie

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I usually make coffee at home. My husband and I LOVE our Trader Joe’s Organic Wake Up Blend Coffee. It happens to be the best price for organic coffee that we have found (with the exception of Whole Foods Organic Pacific Blend), and it is the very best tasting coffee we’ve had. So, that works for us. On rare occasion, I do make a stop at a coffee shop. When I do, it is usually Starbucks. It’s always a reminder of how expensive coffee¬†can be. Did you know, however, that you can save money even when you do make your occasional Starbucks stop?

Here are a few ways to save money at Starbucks.

1. Order chai tea instead of a chai tea latte. Then, when you get your drink, add your own milk in the condiment section. Then, you’ve just saved $1.20 by just “making” your own chai tea latte!

2. Get the app. Did you know that Starbucks has an app? If you download the Starbucks app, you can get a free drink every time you buy twelve.

3. Ask for a larger cup. If you usually order a tall, ask for a tall drink in a grande cup… or a grande drink in a venti cup. Then, head over to that condiment bar and fix up your drink. My husband does that because he wants to make sure that there’s enough room for the amount of milk he prefers. You can save $1.20 by doing this.

4. Ask for “light ice” in your cold drinks. Have you ever seen how much ice goes into an iced vanilla latte? The entire cup is full of ice! Requesting “light ice” in your drink is like doubling the size of your drink. Get more drink for your dollar!

How do you save money when you go out for coffee?


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