Salt Cleans!

Posted on December 11th, 2012 by Discount Debbie

I don’t even iron clothes that often, but somehow my iron got really gunky. I even ruined a shirt after ironing it. After that, I figured I needed to get it clean so I didn’t waste anymore money on dress shirts for my husband. Unfortunately the shirt didn’t come clean 🙁

That’s when I discovered salt! It’s an amazing item that has so many uses and one of them is cleaning! It’s been used for centuries for cleaning, preserving and as apart of your healthy diet!

If you were like me and have a gross iron, try this trick and watch the magic! All you need is salt, a piece of paper and your iron without the steam function on. Then just run your iron over the salt until it comes clean. Make sure you use your highest setting. The dirt sticks to the salt and then it’s clean!

So Thrifty!

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