Rescue Your Rusty Dishwasher for Only $6!

Posted on July 3rd, 2012 by Discount Debbie

Why oh, why did I forget to take before and after photos? I guess I was so focused on getting the job done.

Rusted Dishwasher Rack Repair

I recently moved and the dishwasher in my new place looked fine at first glance. Then I took a closer look and the prongs on the racks were exposed and rusty. I didn’t dare put my dishes in there.

Being a Thrifty Diva, I immediately tried to figure out a solution without resorting to replacing the whole dishwasher.

First I looked at replacement racks. Nada. They’re about as expensive as a new dishwasher, plus finding the right size is tricky.

Repairs? I did a lot of research before finally finding a product recommended for repairing a rusted dishwasher. ReRack!

This little product is a miracle worker! It’s the plastic coating of your dishwasher racks in liquid form so you can recoat the racks, hence the name “ReRack.”

Granted, it took me 2-3 hours to complete the repair work because not only were the prong tips rusted, but so were many of the underside welds. While a bit time consuming to paint on 2 layers on every spot (though this dishwasher was really rusty, most likely your repair won’t take as long), it worked wonders.

I’ve been using the dishwasher for well over a week now and the ReRack is holding strong!  No rust, no problem. It’s all encased in plastic like it should be and not affecting my dishes. A little more than $6 on ReRack just saved me $300-$500 not having to buy a new dishwasher!!!

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