Relocate Your Medicine Cabinet: To Your Kitchen! (Part 2)

Posted on April 27th, 2012 by Discount Debbie



A few weeks ago, we posted Part 1 on this money and health-savings series Relocate Your Medicine Cabinet: To Your Kitchen. It’s a passion I have because I have seen the difference in my life and in the lives of some friends and family members who made the switch from eating more processed foods to almost no processed foods at all. Of course, there are times when traveling or visiting others when you can’t control the options available. However, by and large, we all have choices to make and, like it or not, our food choices have a very direct relationship to our health. That said, we can make smart choices as to how the options in our own kitchen can serve our families in the long run by building up immunity and general good health, rather than breaking down our bodies’ defenses against disease.

Today, we will look at one of the choices we make at the grocery store:

Organic or All-Natural vs. Conventional

For a long time, I thought this whole “organic” trend was just that: a trend for earthy-environmentally sensitive people. I’d read articles about organic food not necessarily containing more nutrients than conventionally grown food because of the depleted soil in which all our foods are grown now. However, one key factor I hadn’t considered then was the pesticides. And, to be honest with you, although some do argue that organic foods actually are more nutritious, that is not why our family buys organic. We buy organic not because I believe we get more; we buy organic because of what we DON’T get in our foods: pesticides. Yep. Pesticides have been linked to cancer and other diseases. So, I could buy cheaper produce but at what cost in the long run? Now, I have to say that our family lives on a tight budget and organic foods are definitely more expensive than non-organic. So, for us, that means we keep things simple. We buy what’s on sale, we buy in bulk (when it makes financial sense to do so), and I do lots of comparison shopping. And, it’s worth it.

Do you buy organic to save money in the long run on medical bills? What are other ways buying organic actually saves you money?

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