Reducing The Holiday Give Me’s

Posted on November 6th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

Many parents feel bad if they don’t give their kids the Christmas they think their kids want. Some will go into debt to make the perfect holiday happen. Sometimes however, the only thing needed is a change of habit and perspective to help save money during Christmas.

Get Rid Of Commercials

Nothing says that the holidays are here like being bombarded with advertisements. Luckily my parents knew how to combat this phenomenon. Regular radio and television became very limited.  We watched videos and DVDs instead. Junk mail was thrown out immediately so we didn’t sit drooling over toy advertisements. We still heard about certain toys and items at school, but by the time we got home most of those things didn’t surface in our minds.

When they had to take us to the store they would get us to think about what we could donate to Toys for Tots or the charity of the store that year. It took our minds off the things we wanted in the store and instead focus on what we could give to someone else.

The Top Five

 My parents soon discovered I could write a novel if given the opportunity to list all the toys I wanted for Christmas. My mother sat me down and explained that as nice as Santa was, he had to make toys for every child in the world. To show a little kindness to Santa I should limit my Christmas list to the five things, so he could get to everyone without too much stress.

Focus On Giving

The only time my parents asked what we wanted for Christmas was when we made our lists for Santa. The rest of the time they would ask us what we should get our siblings. When we were older this carried on by us being more focused on what we would be getting somebody else for Christmas, rather than what we wanted ourselves.



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