Reducing Doctor Visits

Posted on February 13th, 2015 by Discount Debbie

Reducing Doctor Visits

No one wants to go to the doctor on a regular basis. We tolerate our regularly scheduled check up / physical and try to ignore anything else that is going on with our health. This isn’t healthy. On the other hand we can’t go to the doctor every time we have aching shoulders or a little bit of a fever. The answer is to get the most out of our routine visits.

Ask Questions

When you are at the doctor’s office for routine check ups be prepared to ask questions. Ask questions about the pain in your shoulder. Ask questions about your child’s random coughing. Ask questions about frequent dark circles under your eyes. The more questions you ask while at a routine check up, the less you will worry during the times when you are away from the doctor.

Make a list of questions over the course  a few weeks before your scheduled appointment. Take note of any aches or pains you are concerned about. Ask about them at your next visit.

Do Your Self Testing

Monthly self breast exams are important. You can also test your blood sugar, temperature, urine PH, pulse, and take your blood pressure all at home. Items for such testing can be found at most drug stores and pharmacies. A doctor would be the best person to diagnose what this information means or how to better your test results. But keeping tabs on this information yourself tells you when it’s time to seek professional medical help.

Take Your Doctor’s Advice

Doctors give some good advice that is often ignored. They tell us to do things like take our prescribed medicine, exercise, and eat healthy. This advice is often ignored because it requires change. Ask your doctor to help work out a plan to implement these changes and then adhere to the plan. If there are side effects from medicine, ask your doctor to change your dosage or the type of medication you take.

Last But Not Least

Go to the doctor when you know something isn’t right. Some examples would be increasing abdominal pain, blood in your urine, or frequent migraines. These can be symptoms of something serious and need to be addressed sooner than your next annual visit.


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