Recyclables Toy Crafts For Kids

Posted on January 22nd, 2015 by Discount Debbie


I’ll be the first to say that some toys for children are grossly over priced. Crafting supplies can also be over priced. These ideas, however, are both a craft and a toy and are very inexpensive. In fact many of the supplies can be rescued from your recycling or trash bin.

Pez  Dispensers

I’m not a fan of the candy, but I am a fan of the dispensers. They make great already made hand puppets. They come in sets (so you have a full puppet cast to work with) and usually in a lunch box type container, so that is also a plus. You can use these containers as actual lunch boxes or to store Pez puppets or art supplies.

Cardboard Food Cans

I’m talking about infant formula cans or cardboard oatmeal canisters. These can be turned into rattles, drums, or flower pots for your coffee filter flowers. They can be used for sand box buckets or scoops.

Plastic Eggs and Egg Cartons

Decorate twelve plastic eggs with faces and hair. Craft the cartons to be public transportation. They can be school buses, airplanes, and even trains. Draw a road or track system on a few poster boards. Load up your plastic egg people into your new public transportation system and take them for a ride.

Tissue Boxes

Paint each one brick red and let your toddler use them to build walls or brick houses. If you are extra crafty put white masking tape on the corners and edges of the boxes to make it look like they have cement on them.

Roll Tubes

If you use paper towels, gift wrap, or toilet paper you have a few tubes hanging around your house somewhere. You know that you can make swords and binoculars from such objects. With smaller tubes you can also paint them yellow and tape them together to make a honey comb. You can put them in a shoe box and pretend to be bee keepers, or you can hang them on the wall and pretend to be bees.

The longer tubes can be used to make a match box car race track. Tape three together then lean the opening against a table or couch. Set the car in the top and let gravity work its magic.



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