Reasons We Spend Money Like Crazy

Posted on March 6th, 2015 by Freebie Felicia

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There are many good reasons that people spend money. There are a lot of bad reasons we spend money as well.  We know that it’s a bad idea, but we do it anyway. Why would we do that?

To Feel Better About Life

When the going gets tough, sometimes the tough get shopping. We know that we don’t have a whole lot of money. We know it’s a bad idea to drain our bank accounts. We do it anyway because circumstances in our life are not fun and we deserve a little fun. We are tired of living on a tight budget and, in spite of what we can’t afford, we are going to get something of higher quality.

Wanting better stuff is not a crime and is actually one of the reasons that we try to save money and live on a budget. The problem is usually instead of getting an upgrade on an item we try to get the best and most expensive product. It’s far better to slowly progress with what you can afford than jump to spending much more than you can afford.

To Blow Off Steam

Shopping, is a stress relief to many people. We can go wander around a mall for a few hours and forget the unpleasant things that may be happening in our lives. This could include our financial situation and leads us back to spending money to feel better about life. It may not have been our intent when we started window shopping, but it happens.

Find other ways to blow off steam. Don’t just do what everybody else is doing (like yoga) either, if it doesn’t work for you. Find out what does and run with it. It’s true that many of the best things in life are free. Look to free classes or activities to find your non spending stress relief.

To Keep Up With The Jones

We feel we need higher quality items in our lives because our peers have them. We feel that because we don’t have all the bells and whistles in decor, car, or home we are somehow failing in life. No one wants to feel like a failure, so we spend money we don’t have and do our best to make the payments over time.

While the public firmly says that these items don’t equal success, it’s hard to overcome the accepted mentality that they are. Shifting our points of view to see success is equally difficult, but can be done. Start small. Instead of buying something new we should learn to repair or refurbish what we have already. Then we put the quality in our care for an item rather than its age.


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