Finding Free Education

Posted on August 25th, 2014 by Freebie Felicia

Free Education

I like learning, even when I don’t get a certificate to show my accomplishments. To this end I am constantly scouring the internet finding free classes, courses, and organized information. Here are a few websites and courses I have found.

Alternative Medicine

Before I go more into these sites and courses I will come right out and say these aren’t certified courses. They do not give you any medical authority. Even the courses that offer an optional certificate will tell you that they do not give you the legal authority to act as a practitioner. They do, however, give a good deal of information on herbal medicine. Some are lessons sent to your email, some have video, and others do not. There are a couple that offer you a chance to buy stuff. Still, if you are ┬ásurvivalist junkie or just want to learn the way herbs could help our health here are a few places to look.


I admit it. I plan to homeschool my kids. Between the things I have learned about Common Core, the violence that seems to annually make the national news, and what I remember from my school experience, my children are better off with me doing so. That is, as long as I do MY homework and build a great curriculum for them. Since my oldest is currently a toddler, now is a great time for me to do just that. With the joy that is the internet I have many options to choose from and all of them are free. The ones I chose to post today are strictly homeschooling, though there are also free public schools online as well.

College Courses

Being able to teach my children also means continuing education for me as well. For this reason I search for free college classes. I was surprised that I found quite a few on various websites. Once again these sites may be interested in selling you a certificate, and in most cases these certificates actually carry weight. You still have the option to take or leave them. If, like me, you are interested in expanding your knowledge, you can find free courses online for everything from meditation to plumbing using these sites.

So in closing I send my best wishes to all you learners this school season and wish you happy low cost learning.



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