Quick, Easy and Thrifty DIY Boys Halloween Costume

Posted on October 24th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

We are one week away from Halloween. Do you have costumes for your children? Will you run out to Target and pick something up this weekend (like so many others will…and like I was very tempted to!) or will do try to take a more thrifty route and make a costume?

Well, I had decided that I was going to make a costume for my son this year (my daughter already has a lovely princess dress that Grandma sent her just for fun a little while ago). Last year, I went to the local thrift store and bought him a cowboy hat for a dollar, wrapped a blue scarf around his neck, put him in some jeans, boots and a flannel shirt and called him a cowboy! It would have been perfect if that little almost-2-year-old would have just kept that hat on his head! 😉

This year, I wanted to keep the cost low again but now he is almost 3 and likes to pretend and has certain characters he likes. So, I wanted to put together something that he would like to wear (and keep on). Because he likes to pretend to be a superhero, I thought I would sew a cape and either iron on or sew on the first letter of his name. Then, I would put him in some solid color pj's or some other same color shirt and pants with a bright ribbon or belt and call it a day. If I'd had a little more time, I would have gone that route. But, like you, I have many more things going on around here besides Halloween! So, I saw an idea online that I loved and went with it.

I went to our local Goodwill store and bought him a superman t-shirt for $1.99.

I also picked up a white button down shirt (I could only find short sleeve, but that'll still work) and a pair of slacks, both of which he will be able to wear on Sundays for church after all this. Each of those items also cost $1.99.

I will part his dark hair with some coconut oil (which we use around here for just about everything). I would put some glasses on him. But, I KNOW he will take them off because that is just what he does when I put any glasses on him. So, Clark Kent will go without glasses on Halloween this year.

I would have displayed the outfit on him for you to see his cuteness, oh I mean, the cute costume…but, it is cold and flu season and the little guy is just not himself today.

If you want to throw together a quick, thrifty costume and need some ideas, I found a bunch of other cute ones (for boys and girls) over here.

What costumes have you made to save money on Halloween?

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