Protect Your Skin! Easy Makeup Brush Disinfecting Solution

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Have you cleaned your makeup brushes recently? This is something that is so easy and so important. If you simply clean out your brushes even once a month, you can keep them from wearing down from all of the makeup that is usually caked on them. You’re also doing your skin a huge favor by reducing the bacteria that you’re exposing it to each time you do your makeup.

Think about it, your brushes have tons of dirt, makeup, oils and bacteria on them right now. When you use your dirty brushes, your skin is the one to suffer. But don’t worry, I have just the solution for you! Simply follow these directions to create your own makeup brush disinfectant!

You’ll need:

Two parts dish soap
One part extra virgin olive oil


Mix the dish soap and olive oil together on a plate. Swirl your brushes into the mixture and gently massage it into the bristles. Then, rinse them under warm water and let them dry on a paper towel.

The dish soap will disinfect while the olive oil will keep the bristles moisturized – making your brushes last longer, and helping to keep your skin clean as well. A total in-win situation!

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