Preserve your Jack-O-Lanterns with Household Ingredients

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After putting so much work into carving the darn thing it’s not fun to watch it wither away only a few days after it’s been placed on your porch. To avoid that heartbreak, and make your pumpkin masterpiece last for a few weeks rather than just a few days, just follow these easy instructions!

  1. Create a bleach solution of 2 teaspoons household bleach for every gallon of water. Put the solution in a bin or bucket large enough to fit your carved pumpkin.
  2. Place your Jack-o-lantern inside the solution and let it sit overnight (about 8 hours). The bleach will kill off any bacteria and mold that will start the wilting and molding process.
  3. After it’s done soaking let the pumpkin air dry.
  4. Get a spray bottle and mix together the solution again, using 1 teaspoon of bleach and filling up the rest of the bottle with water. Spray the inside of the pumpkin each day, killing off any bacteria that may start to form.
  5. Smear some petroleum jelly onto the cut surfaces of the pumpkin. The jelly will lock in the moisture and keep the pumpkin from withering too quickly.

Viola! If you follow those steps your Jack-o-lantern can last for a few weeks leading up to Halloween! Meaning that you can get started with the carving come the second week of October.

Go ahead and give those tips a try and let us know how they worked for you! Also let us know if you have any other tried-and-true tips for keeping your jack-o-lantern looking happy throughout the month.

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