Post Valentine’s Day Sales

Posted on February 15th, 2012 by Coupon Cathy

You don’t hear much about it; it may not be Black Friday (or Thursday…whatever!); but, shopping the day after Valentine’s Day has become a tradition in our home! Why? You can get some practical deals the day after Valentine’s Day!

Here are just a few things that I have shopped for post-Valentine’s Day that you may want to consider today.

Candy: This is the obvious pick. However, quite honestly, we just don’t buy candy because we don’t want to eat it or give it to our children around here. However, candy will keep for a fair amount of time and I happen to have a birthday party for my toddler coming up this weekend and I’ll need little goodies for party favors. Children (and parents) don’t care if the candy wrapping has hearts on it! The discounts plus coupons amounts to very good deals if you happen to either eat candy or need it for some get together in the near future.

Cellophane Bags: Again, I am in party mode now. So, I’m thinking party favor bags! (It’s what I did for last year’s party too!) However, cellophane bags with pink or red print can come in handy for a girl’s party throughout the year. They could also work for homemade gifts throughout the year also.

Muffin Cups: We are a baking household. I bake every week. For a long time, I would make healthy breakfast muffins that we had every day. Every day. So, that meant baking two or three times a week just to keep up. So, I was always looking for muffin cups and we never cared what, if any, design they had on them. So I have muffin cups to last me a very long time thanks for post-Valentine’s Days sales in previous years 🙂

Paper Goods: If you don’t care about the designs, paper goods like napkins, paper plates and paper or plastic table covers can be worth buying the day after Valentine’s Day. In some cases, the red or pink will work for you. I’ll be heading out to find solid red plates and napkins since our birthday girl chose a Veggie Tales theme. So, a red Bob and a green Larry will dominate the decorations. As such, red paper plates and napkins will be perfect, especially if they are 50% off (or more)!

Don’t write off Valentine’s sales as just candy. Take advantage of what stores are looking to get off their shelves! What do you shop for the day after Valentine’s Day?

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  1. Vickie Couturier February 15, 2012

    Hey thanks for the heads up,,gonna get some of those deals

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