Planning Meals for a Week

Posted on April 30th, 2012 by Discount Debbie

Yesterday was Sunday which means meal planning and grocery shopping for the week. Some meal planners do two weeks at a time, we keep it very simple and do it for a week to ten days. This week we did a week.

I just wanted to share my list and how very informal is it.  You wouldn’t believe how scary meal planning is to some people, so I thought showing them my list with misspelled words and poor hand writing would help them see how easy it really is. You don’t have to sit down at a computer and spend hours planning the week. I don’t have time for that and you probably don’t either.

So here’s what I do…

Step 1
Sometime on Sunday afternoon, I make a list of what sounds good to eat for the week. I usually keep these sheets I write these up on so I always have ideas and we basically just rotate. I only plan dinners because lunches always consist of leftovers or sandwiches. We keep it simple.

Step 2
I make a list. I take my list to my pantry, fridge and freezer and anything I don’t have I put it on the list. If for someone reason I see I am missing a lot of ingredients, but see I have a ton more for another recipe, I will switch out that day on my list for one I already have ingredients for. This really helps cut down on cost.

Step 3
Then I match my coupons. I look through my list, look through my coupons and find where I can save money.

Step 4
I send my husband to shop. We always save money when he shops because he only buys what’s on the list.

Step 5
Put the list on your fridge. This way we always know what’s for dinner that night and it helps us be able to see what we can change easily if a certain meal didn’t sound good that night.

How do you plan your meals?

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