Planning a Birthday Party and Saving Money

Posted on February 8th, 2012 by Discount Debbie


I’m in the middle of planning my daughter’s 3rd birthday party and am amazed by how easily the costs add up. Everything from invitations to party favors to food and decorations. Here are a few tips if you, like me, have to plan a birthday party on a budget.

Make Your Own Invitations

My daughter is obsessed with Veggie Tales at this point in her life. So, I decided we’d go ahead and have a Veggie Tales-themed party. Because Veggie Tales is so popular, it makes it easy to just buy everything (and spend much more money than necessary) but it also makes it easy to make your own. I found several good websites that had the Veggie characters with printable invitations, thank you notes, etc. So, I found a Bob and Larry template, filled it out, printed it out and, in almost no time and no money had myself cute little invitations to hand out to my daughter’s friends. Meanwhile, she is so proud of her birthday party invitations!


Party foods can be made at home at a fraction of what it costs to buy. Vegetable trays, fruit kabobs, sandwiches, mini-pizzas and, of course, cake can all be both healthier and less expensive when you make them yourself. It does take planning if you’re doing it alone. But, it’s worth the effort.


The internet has made party planning so easy. Because we are having a Veggie Tales party, I could do a search and find so many ideas for all age ranges for a Veggie Tales party. I can draw a huge Bob (the tomato) on red poster board and cut out little round noses to play “Pin the Nose on Bob” simply because I saw that others have done likewise. We’ll also hold “Veggie Races” where the children will each have a potato on their backs as they race (while crawling and trying to keep that potato from falling) to the finish line. These games will cost next to nothing.


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