Pillows as Storage Space

Posted on August 26th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

A pillow case being stuffed with blankets

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If you are like me and living in a place that has limited storage space, might I suggest sleeping on it. We use our pillowcases as laundry bags sometimes which got me to thinking that we could use our pillow cases as storage space if we started using our laundry bags and hampers. Plus we would never have to buy pillows again. Here are a few things that would be stored well in pillow form.

Unused Clothing

Whether it’s off season clothing, those jeans I can’t fit into, or baby clothes we have clothing around our home that we are not using right now. If , like me , you have chosen to keep these items around instead of donating them, why not put them to use as a place to rest your head, instead of using up closet space.

The Spare Blankets

During the summer time instead of storing the blankets away in the linen closet, use them in your little ones’ pillows. The blankets are readily available to build those blanket forts we all loved as a child. This idea also endorses cleaning up after playtime. Who wants to sleep without a pillow?

Beans and Rice

This is more for throw pillows, beanbags, and even sofa cushions if we wanted to go the extra mile. Keep the beans or rice in the bags and put them in the pillow covers. This makes them feel a little like beanbags and saves room in the pantry. When they are needed simply unzip a pillow and pull a bag out.



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