Picking Fake Flowers

Posted on February 26th, 2015 by Discount Debbie


I love flowers in my home, but between the flower gauntlet that is my family and the cost of the flowers, I see little point in picking fresh blooms to go with our decor. I simply can’t afford the time trying to keep up with the wilting petals or shriveled leaves. I can’t keep up with the constant replacement of those poor plants either. Thankfully I have an easy solution. I pick fake blooms instead.

Low Maintenance

Fake flowers don’t need plant food, soil, or water. You don’t even need to talk to them (or, in my case, beg them to please stay alive!). Upon occasion they may need dusted. Really, that’s it! If you want to beautify your home with full gorgeous blooms then pick fake flowers. The colors will always stay bright and colorful unless your leave them on a window sill to long. Then the sun will bleach them white, so don’t do that.

Children and Pets

Children love flowers. And we want our children to love flowers. We just don’t want our children to love flowers to death. Fake flowers can usually have their heads popped off. They can be popped back on with no problem. They are not poisonous. They don’t have thorns. They don’t produce allergy stirring pollen. These are all good things when thinking of your two and four legged friends and decorating with plants.


Fake flowers can be reused. After they have lost their luster, or the children have messed with them one time too many, they can get dumped in the fake flower compost bin (or the craft supply box). The petals can serve to make fairy wings or clothing. They can be taken apart and put back together to create new flowers and floral designs. They can be used on wreaths or for that pretend trip to Hawaii you and your children are planning. The sky is the limit.

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