The Perfect Baby Shower Gift – DIY “Oh Crap Bag”

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crap bag

I posted this baby shower “Oh Crap” bag a year ago, and because it’s such a fun idea I decided to post it again for anyone interested in making this! I’ve got two pregnant friends right now, so I’m already gearing up to make another couple of these for their baby showers. So, with that said, keep reading to see how to create your own!

If you’re anything like me, you love giving gifts. Birthdays, Christmas, weddings, just because… and most definitely baby showers. Baby stuff is just so dang cute it’s hard to not want to buy absolutely everything for the new baby. My biggest stress when picking out a gift for the last baby shower I attended was that I would end up getting something that the new parents already had. After scouring aisle after aisle of fun baby stuff I was inspired to create an “Oh Crap” bag. I had heard of something similar before, and decided to try my hand at creating one of these nifty things myself.

The “Oh Crap” bag is a bag meant to be stored in mom or dads car with a few necessities that baby may need when out-and-about. You know, when mom or dad suddenly realize they forgot to bring extra diapers, or baby has a blow-out and there are no spare onesies in sight? This kit perfectly covers nearly every “oh crap” moment that involves the little one, and would be so handy for any parent, whether it’s their first child or they already have a few kiddos.


  • A bag (I got mine at Walmart, and it’s technically a travel toiletries bag. I loved the three separate sections, and the size worked great for the items I included.)
  • 3 or 4 diapers, at least two different sizes (Too big is better than too small. I did two size 1 and two size 2 diapers. The parents will have to change these out periodically.)
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Travel size baby wipes
  • Travel size antibacterial wipes
  • Small package of Diaper Sacks
  • Spare outfits (I did three different sized outfits consisting of a onesie and leggings. These will also need to be changed out as baby grows.)
  • Socks
  • Pacifier(s)
  • A small toy
  • Bottle

(I also hooked a couple of safety pins onto the bag, just because safety pins are truly the greatest things ever and you never know when you could use one.)


That’s it!

This is also super fantastic because it’s so easily modified. A bigger bag could hold a spare t-shirt for mom and/or dad, the disposable diapers can be traded out for cloth, a burping cloth could be added along with a spare blanket… The possibilities are endless.

This gift is sure to be the hit of the next baby shower you attend and really mean a lot to the new parents. Taking the time to assemble the items really shows how much you care, and you have so much room to personalize this present! You’ll give the new parents a bit more piece of mind as they head out with baby, knowing that when they inevitably forget something, they’re covered. :)

P.S. Another fun name idea is the “Oh Sh*t Kit.” This would be a fun thing to write on a tag on the bag for the mommy-to-be that could use a good laugh. 😉

3 Adorable Spring Wreaths to Brighten Up Your Front Door

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spring wreath ideas

I just took down my snowman wreath last week. Which is pretty despicable because it’s April now. I think I just didn’t want to leave my front door totally bare since the snowman wreath is the only one I own! I did finally convince myself that since we are officially in Spring now (have been for weeks…) it was time to pack Frosty up with the rest of our Christmas decorations. Now, my door is naked, so I’m on the hunt for fun Spring wreath ideas! Here are just a few of my favorites that I’ve stumbled upon…


Floral Monogram Wreath
What’s better than a floral wreath? A floral wreath shaped into your monogram! This tutorial shows you how to create this unique wreath with a foam wreath base and silk flowers. Head here to check it out!

Spring-Wreath-Tutorial (1)

Cupcake Liner Wreath
I can’t get over how cute this idea is, and I’m probably mostly obsessed because it’s so simple, and doesn’t require tons of supplies! Plus, you can customize it for any color scheme (or holiday) with different cupcake liners. For the full tutorial, head here.


Spring Tulip Wreath
This wreath is not only super easy to make, it’s fairly inexpensive as well! You just need a few items, and most of them can be found at your local dollar store! I adore tulips, so I am definitely going to be trying my hand at this wreath! Head here for instructions.

I really can’t decide which one I like best, so I’m sure that I’ll make all 3. They’d all work perfectly in the Summer as well, so perhaps I’ll just switch them off until Fall arrives.

Do you have a Spring wreath up? Let me know what it looks like in the comments – I’m always interested in more ideas! :)


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Gorgeous Early-Spring Flowers to Plant Right Now

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Here in Utah we’ve had a few days in the past couple weeks where we’ve warmed up into the low 70’s, and at the same time we just had a snowstorm yesterday. Lovely Utah. Because of the roller-coaster ride Mother Nature puts us Utahns through during the Spring, it’s important to know what flowers are hardy enough to endure the cold weather we’re still experiencing in May if you’re interested in getting started on beautifying your yard a bit “early.” Because I’m the kind of person that runs to Home Depot as soon as they start selling flowers, I’ve had to do my research on cold-tolerant flowers that can be planted in the early Spring. Here is a brief list of my favorites…


Pansies are my favorite early spring flower. These annuals come in so many different colors, and even different sizes, too! With all the variations, you could easily get away with simply planting pansies all over your yard, and still have it look incredible!


I grew up in a home with a massive lilac bush in our backyard. I remember the sweet fragrance it filled our yard with, and how gorgeous the flowers were! Because of that, I’ve always loved lilacs. Especially since they are okay with the chilly weather as long as they’re planted with full sun exposure.

Harmony and Acoma Iris

Like lilac, iris love full sun, and do well when planted in the early spring. These unique flowers would make a beautiful addition to your yard.

Grape Hyacinth

These I remember from my grandmothers’ garden. Her front yard was filled with these flowers. I love their unique blooms and deep blue-purple color!


Ahh daffodils… If I had unlimited room I’m sure my yard would be overflowing with daffodils. These beauties prefer full sun, and lucky for us, they’re perennials so they will come back each year!

and last but not least…


Granted, you really should’ve planted the tulip bulbs before Winter hit, so technically these guys don’t make the list of “Flowers To Plant in Spring” unless you’d like them to pop up next year, but my sheer love for Tulips has me inclined to add them to the list. Until I went to a Tulip Festival this year, I had no idea that tulips came in so many different colors! AND, that there are tulips with pointed petals! Right when I thought I couldn’t love them more…


Have you gotten started on planting in your yard? What flowers have you chosen? Please let me know in the comments! :)


50% off Fabletics+Free shipping

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