Got Aches & Pains? Make This Inexpensive Rice Heating Pad

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abdominal pain

Now that the weather is getting colder, I find my body hurts a lot more. I have a heating pad that plugs into the wall, but it requires me to be close to an outlet at all times. That simply does not work when I’m on my couch, as I don’t have an outlet anywhere near me. That means no TV watching when I’m hurting… No thanks!

Just about everyone has had a time when they desperately needed a heating pad to ease sore muscles or cramps. You may think that trying to make your own would be too much work, but let me tell you, it absolutely is not. It’s actually really simple and all you need is a sock and some uncooked rice or beans!

Simply take a tube sock (a clean one, preferably ūüėČ ) and fill it up with a cup or two of rice or beans. Add a couple drops of your favorite essential oil and then tie off the top of the sock off where you want it. How full you want the sock to be is totally up to you. I like to have a little extra room after I‚Äôve tied the end just so that the heat pad can bend more easily. And remember, you can always add more rice or beans later on, or take some out if you want. That‚Äôs really the beauty of this; it‚Äôs easy to customize to your needs¬†along with being so easy to make!

To actually make the filled sock help your muscles just place it in the microwave for 30 second intervals until it is at your desired temperature. So easy!

Why a Frugal Lifestyle is Healthy

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Coins beside a pink piggy bank to deposit and save

Financial problems have a habit of bleeding into every other aspect of your life. It hurts your marriage, work performance, strains other relationships, and more! When those money problems are reduced or even eliminated, those problems can subside drastically.

Less Marital Problems

A lack of money is not the cause of all marital problems, but it doesn’t help. If you don’t know how you are going to pay for this month’s rent, medical bills, or your child’s class field trip, it causes stress. A couple starts blaming each other. One should have made more. The other should have spent less. They say things they don’t mean. Eventually they figure it out, but next month is coming and they both know it.

A frugal lifestyle may not fix all money issues, but it reduces the amount of bickering it can cause. Both work hard, while clipping coupons and finding deals. They are in this together rather than trying to figure out where to lay the blame.

Children Have Healthier Money View

It’s nice that our children know that money doesn’t grow on trees. We also want them to know that money is not a defining factor in their lives. Money does not make them better or worse than anyone else. It is a tool that helps us get to where we are going. They will know better than to bury themselves under a mountain of debt in their twenties. They will also know how to enjoy a small¬†splurge within a budget rather than go overboard and live in denial about their money¬†reality.

Creative Solutions

When a frugal family is light on money you can really feel it. They don’t fall back on loans and credit cards unless there is no other way to meet their family needs. They will also go to great lengths to avoid that position. They will sell crafts, raise chickens, plant gardens, and even find ways to make money they hadn’t known were possible. Being short on money does not have to mean being short on solutions and there’s no better way to learn that than to live it.


DIY Christmas chandelier

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A very¬†cheap and¬†easy¬†way to save money this year during the Christmas season is to create your own decorations! And here’s one of them.

Things you’ll need:

  1. Hula hoop
  2. Tinsel or Garland (green and red preferably)
  3. Ornaments
  4. Battery powered led string lights.
  5. Hot glue
  6. Holiday ribbon

*every thing can be bought at the dollar store or a Walmart.*


  1. Get the hula hoop, hot glue, and garland.
  2. Start to glue to garland to the hula-hoop and wrap it spirally.
  3. You can do all one color, or you can make it go every other color and wrap it all around.
  4. Once you’ve finished wrapping the garland on the hula-hoop; get the¬†light strand and place onto the hula hoop, making sure it’s not totally visible.
  5. After all of that, get the ornaments and place on the hoop.
  6. Then get the ribbon and you’re going to use that to hang the hoop from the ceiling.

Now you have created your perfect Christmas chandelier!


Cutest DIY storage for kids toys!

Posted on November 26th, 2017 by Uncategorized

We all have a dream on how we want our kids’ toy rooms to look like. Full on storage with labels and fully organized to the max! Unfortunately our kids think otherwise. They think it belongs all in one big tote! Looks like the comprise is going to be made..

Now we all know how annoying it is to have the kids toys just scattered all over the floors because the kids just believe that’s the place for them. This is a way to decorate the cluttered toy room, while adding more storage that the kids can understand! Click HERE to see the full article.


Dealing with a Chaotic Day

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Depressed mother of ADHD boy

I would like to take a moment to express how much I love the word “chaotic.” It’s just a cool word to say, but good heavens, NOT a good word to deal with in real life…

It’s one of those days. Everyone in the house is upset. Kids are crying, the dogs tracked mud through the kitchen, the husband can’t find his car keys… You¬†are feeling the full effect of¬†¬†“When it rains, it pours.” Mom is longing for a time when she made people happy and the world was quiet.

We have all been there and it’s not the Disney Land of parenthood. So how do we get through the gauntlet of tears without losing our own minds?

Remember You Tried

It’s so easy to forget that five minutes ago¬†you were helping your kiddo with their homework, and all was okay with the world. Or that you took the dogs on a walk, or had just found a different lost item. Some days the storm is coming no matter what you do. You tried anyway and responded in love.

Find Humor

During the season of tantrums it’s difficult to find your funny bone, but when you do you can turn all those tears to laughter. Pretend to cry, too. Throw yourself on the floor. It often throws you children off guard and they begin to laugh themselves. When all else fails start a tickle war. You may not have a whole lot of time, but this could make the rest of your¬†day¬†easier for everyone to get through.

Hold Your Ground

If fighting is happening, make sure your kids know that they have to face the consequences of those actions.¬†Enforce a quick time out and tell them that anger or sadness doesn’t buy rude or violent behavior. Then hold on until the storm blows itself out.

Some days are just no fun, but keep in mind that tomorrow can be the best day ever!¬†You’ve got this!

Need simple Christmas present ideas? Look no further!

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For those of you who love to give gifts to others, but don’t have the budget for that, this article is just for you!

Every year we all have those neighbors, family friends, teachers, and coworkers we want to give presents, but don’t want to spend lots of money on, but you can’t just keep giving cookies every. single. year… Trust me, we all know where you’re at. We’ve all been in that same exact boat!

I’m going to share what I’ve found to be the best for those special people!

1. Hot Cocoa Kits¬†for the cold season, yet so simple and easy to make! Don’t forget cheap too!hck

2. Homemade Caramel Apple Gift for those who love to cook!



3. Gift Baskets for those who you can’t find just that “one thing” for!


4. Plus many more Mason Jar Presents!


YUMMY Biscuit Donut Holes Recipe (Only 4 Ingredients Needed!)

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My grandma has always made these Biscuit Donut Holes, or as she sometimes calls them, Poor Man’s Donuts! Her mother used to make them when she was a child and she’s continued the tradition by making them for her kids and now her grandkids! And boy have we loved them!

I’m not sure if there’s really a person out there than can turn away from a sugary donut. I’m really not sure it’s possible! Especially with how delicious these guys are.

They’re everything you want in a dessert: sugary, simple and scrumptious! (Yes, I did just find three words that started with an ‘S’, but they all fit perfectly!) Go ahead and give these donuts a try. You will be chowing down on them in only a matter of minutes!


  • Any can of Biscuit Dough
  • Enough Vegetable Oil to fill pan 1-1/2 inches
  • Cinnamon and Sugar to roll the dough in after it’s done frying (you could also use powdered sugar)


First, cut the biscuit dough into quarters.


Turn the oil to med-high and place one bit of dough in to test if the oil is hot enough. The dough should fry up pretty quickly. Once you’d determined that the oil is hot enough, add as many dough bits as you can to the oil so that they are fully submerged.


It should only take about two minutes before you need to stir them up and flip a few of them around. After that you should only have to let them fry for another minute until they turn a nice dark golden-brown.


After they’ve been scooped from the oil, roll them in a cinnamon-sugar mix.


If your mouth isn’t watering at this point, I think there may be something wrong. ūüėČ

Bon Appetit!

Hosting Thanksgiving? Check Out These Thrifty Tips

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Family having traditional holiday dinner with stuffed turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, vegetables pumpkin and pecan pie.

If you are anything like me, you’re hoping that you won’t have to walk into a grocery store until after Thanksgiving! But if you have put off or have not been able to do your Thanksgiving shopping until now, it’s still possible to save money on what’s probably the most expensive meal you’ll make all year.

Here are just a few tips to carry you into the final preparations for  your big holiday meal.

1. Ditch store bought gravy.¬†Make your own gravy. It tastes better and is significantly less expensive to make. This year, I am making my gravy early. I happened to already have some homemade chicken broth on hand. So, I made the gravy last night and will simply add the turkey drippings from the roasting pan once that bird is roasted! Gravy will keep in the refrigerator for one week. So, it’s a nice thing to cross off your list a little early.

2. Don’t use paper plates.¬†Those fancy paper plates and plastic cups can be pricey. Use your nice plates and just plan to also use your dishwashing machine. It’ll end up cheaper to run the dishwasher than to buy all those plates and cups that you’ll just throw away. There is one exception, though. Yesterday, I met a lady who said that her mother-in-law called her and told her that she had a bunch of those nice paper plates sitting around in her pantry. She asked if she could bring them over on Thanksgiving. “Yes!” was the answer! So, if someone else offers to bring those fancy paper plates, you’ll get the best of both worlds: no dishes and no cost!

3. Use nature for your decorations.¬†Walk outside your door and pick up some beautiful leaves to decorate around the house and the dining table. It’s beautiful and free!

What else do you do to keep your Thanksgiving thrifty?

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