DIY Baby Sensory Squish Bag for Around 2 Dollars

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Need something to keep your little one occupied? Try making a sensory bag! It’s super simple, only requires a few supplies, and it’s guaranteed to wow your baby.

All You Need:

A gallon sized Ziploc bag

Large bottle of hair gel (you can find one at the Dollar Store!)

Trinkets for inside the sensory bag (beads, buttons, rubber animals, marbles… just don’t use anything that could puncture the bag)

Duct tape


All You Do:

Fill the bag with the hair gel and the little items, then squish it around so that the toys are well incorporated into the hair gel. You can always add some sequins and glitter to give it a more interesting effect!

Then seal the bag and reinforce all of the sides with duct tape, folding it over each side so that no amount of pushing on the bag by your little one can burst it at the seams.

Viola! You’re all done! See how easy that was? Though it requires such minimal effort and costs no more than a couple dollars it will probably end up being your childs’ favorite toy for a while. The way the little toys or beads move around when the bag is squished is going to be so entertaining for them, and can even make tummy time more fun!


Let me know how your kiddo liked their sensory bag in the comments!

Keeping Kids Entertained During the Winter Months

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The winter months can be hard ones to get through when you have kids. Unless you plan on having snow-ball fights or will brave the cold temperatures for outside play time each day you really need other activities. I’ve found that it doesn’t take much to help bust boredom with kids indoors; it’s just a matter of creativity and novelty.

Here are just a few ideas to get you inspired!

  1. Bake a new recipe.
  2. Create homemade slime or kinetic sand. There are lots of great “recipes” you can Google or find on Pinterest. Imagine all the “cool parent points” you’ll earn if you tell them you know how to make slime!
  3. Find a bucket of old toys they haven’t played with in a while.
  4. Build a blanket fort.
  5. Get involved in a game of hide-and-seek. The game becomes infinitely more fun as soon as mom or dad start playing.
  6. Craft something new with unexpected supplies.
  7. Wash the dog together.
  8. Have a competition to see who can build the tallest Lego “building.”
  9. Fill up a bubble bath and give them finger paints (simply add some food coloring to bubble bath) to decorate the tub with.
  10. Set out blankets and pillows on the floor and watch a movie together.
  11. Have a board game day.
  12. Try some simple kid-safe yoga stretches and moves.
  13. Have an indoor photo shoot with stuffed animals and toys.
  14. Learn some phrases in a new language.
  15. Take turns reading new books together.

Hot new coupons! Snickers, Kettle Brand Products and more!

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4 Cheap DIY Dog Toys

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For some reason my dogs have always loved playing with items that aren’t necessarily dog toys. When my Aussie spent a solid 15 minutes throwing an empty sour cream container around the house today I honestly couldn’t figure out why on earth I’d spent so much money on his heaping pile of toys in the doggie toy basket. $10 squeaky elephant vs. empty sour cream container that would’ve just ended up in the trash… Sour cream container for the win.

Honestly though, dogs do not care in the slightest if you spent 20 bucks on a fancy new toy. They may like it for a little bit, but often end up playing with a random object that just makes you want to roll your eyes and double check the pet stores’ return policy.

If you’re low on cash but still want to provide your pooch with fun new toys that will spark their excitement and help them to get some exercise you really don’t need to look any farther than around your own home. Here are a few simple ideas for fun toys your dog will love.

Apple Kong – For the peanut butter lovers. Kong’s are great, but they’re really pricey! Instead of dishing out money for one of those, simply dig out the core and seeds in an apple and fill up the middle with peanut butter. They’ll spend a good amount of time licking out the peanut butter, and they can chew at/eat the apple as well for some added nutrition!

Water Bottle in a Sock -For the dog that loves the noisy crinkly toys. The sock will help it last longer, protect them from any sharp edges once the bottle is punctured, and to provide better grip.

Braided T-Shirt Rope Toy -For the dog that loves tug of war. Take that old t-shirt and cut it into strips. Braid them together for a sturdy tug-toy.

Tennis Ball Treat Dispenser -For the food-obsessed or bored pooch. Cut a slit into a tennis ball and fill with treats. The ball will rattle, which is oh-so-cool to dogs, and when bitten properly, treats can be released.


What are some of your dogs’ favorite homemade toys? Please share them with us!

Make a “Flu Fighter” Gift Basket for your Sick Friends and Family

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I’m a little bit obsessed with gift baskets. There’s the endless theme possibilities, the convenience of it all being in a basket (or jar, or box, or bag), and of course the sheer “adorable-ness” of the finished product. Gift baskets work great for all occasions, and they’re especially fun when it’s a “just because” sort of gift. While I could go on and on with all of the various gift basket themes I’ve seen, I’ll save that for a different post and instead launch right into a “Flu Fighter” gift basket.

Flu season is upon us. Coworkers coughing up a lung at the desk next to you and your kids giving you the lay down on how many kids have thrown up at their school this week…


Someone around you is bound to get sick unfortunately, and I have the perfect “Get Better Soon” basket filler ideas so that you can be the favorite friend or family member after gifting it. This basket can be as expensive or inexpensive as you’d like, just pick and choose which options you want to find, and use this list to inspire you to add some of your own favorites as well. (Maybe your grandma has the best soup recipe that she swears cures the common cold? Print it out and include it in the basket!)


Here are some of my favorite things to include in my “Flu Fighter” basket:

Canned Chicken Noodle Soup

Bottle(s) of Sprite or Ginger Ale

Packets of Tea (Lemon Ginger is perfect for an upset stomach)

A Mug

Cough Drops

Mints (Altoids also help upset stomachs)

Ice Pack or Heating Pad

A Book or Magazine

Coloring Book or Puzzle Book (Sudoku is my favorite)

Hand Sanitizer

Warm Fuzzy Socks

Vitamin C Drops or Emergen-C Packets (I love Emergen-C!)


Vapor Rub

Medications (if you know what kind they prefer)

Boxes of Tissues

Lotion (Stay away from heavily scented if they have a cold; it could trigger symptoms)

Disinfecting Wipes

Reusable Water Bottle

Fruit Juice

Fresh Fruit



Those are just a few ideas out of the many out there! You can really include anything you’d like, and your friend or family member will really appreciate the time and effort you put into it for them.

All your baby and toddler coupons in one place!

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Don’t Spend Money on Sugar Scrubs, Make Your Own!

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I was just recently introduced to sugar scrubs a couple of years ago, and after using one on my feet and legs I couldn’t believe that I’d gone so long with out trying it! The way the sugar exfoliated my skin and the oil moisturized it, I had the silkiest skin ever! But when shopping for a scrub in the store, I was astounded at how expensive they can be! Since it’s really just oil and sugar, there’s no need to buy one; you can easily make it yourself and customize it to the scent you want!

This “recipe” is one of my favorites. It’s for a brown sugar vanilla kind, and it’s so easy. You just mix everything together and tweak it by adding more oil if it’s too dry or more sugar if it’s too soupy. That’s it! And since you’re using ingredients from your own pantry you know that it’s all going to be safe and there are no impossible-to-pronounce chemicals.

Be careful with this one, though. The brown sugar and vanilla will make it smell heavenly so you’ll have to resist the urge to taste it. (Though it’s obviously all food safe the oil will probably make it taste pretty nasty…)

All You Need:

1 Cup Oil (Sunflower, Olive… Whatever you prefer)

1 1/2 Cups Brown Sugar

1 Cup White Sugar

1 Tbsp Pure Vanilla Extract

All You Do:

Put the oil, sugars and vanilla in a bowl and mix them all together! That’s it, you’re all ready to pamper your skin with the sugary goodness!

Get 10 pairs of breast pads FREE!

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