Free Bundle of EveryDayHappy Family Essentials!

Posted on May 12th, 2015 by Freebie Felicia

Natural Diapers & Wipes Kit

Diapers with a natural, comfy fit, and soft, durable wipes that are gentle on your baby’s delicate skin. Guaranteed toxin- and carcinogen-free, and delivered straight to your door!

A Healthier Alternative

All of EverydayHappy’s products are naturally sourced and eco-friendly. Each kit contains products to keep your family environment clean, healthy and beautiful.


Getting babycare products delivered means saying ‘goodbye!’ to big pharmacy orders and spending more time at home with your family. Plus, it’ll save you money. It’s all part of EverydayHappy’s mission to help make your life a little easier.

*Ordering our Free Trial Kit(s) enrolls you as an EverydayHappy MEMBER. You can cancel any time for any reason. If you choose not to cancel your membership within 7 days of receiving your Free Trial Kit(s), you will be charged $79.95 + $5.95 S&H for your monthly Diapers & Wipes bundle, and $39.95 + $5.95 S&H for your monthly Family Care bundle, or $119.90 + $5.95 for both monthly bundles.


4 Ways To Use Chips

Posted on May 12th, 2015 by Freebie Felicia


They could be salt and vinegar chips. It could be those yummy tortilla chips. Chips seem to be a household favorite. Sometimes, however we end up with half eaten bags of stale chips. When you’re looking to save money a good way to is to use the things around you in another way. This is even true of our beloved chips.

Cover A Caserole

Broken up potato chips are a great way top top a casserole. They spread well, have a little crunch and come with their own seasoning. Using different flavors (such as sour cream and onion or BBQ) is a great way to make the same potato casserole recipe taste different if it’s a main meal for your family.

A Main Ingredient

Tortilla chips can be used to make nachos or as a layer in a taco salad. You can nacho cheese flavored for some extra kick of spice. They also work well with a homemade bean and cheese dip. Add salsa and you have a great, healthy snack.

Duck Food

In our home bread seldom goes stale. The same can’t be said of chips. It seams we always have a cup worth of chips that have been deemed inedible lurking at the bottom of the bag. So instead of feeding the ducks bread, we feed them our stale broken up chips. The ducks don’t seem to mind one little bit.


If you like to make your meat with a breaded covering, potato chips are a good covering to use. They have spices and flavoring; they crumble easily. All you need to do is brush your pork chops or chicken legs with a little oil and put them in a bag with the crumbled chips. Then shake the bag until your meat is fully covered; and bake or fry your finished product at your discretion.





Homemade Baby Food

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baby food copy


Baby food can add up really quickly. I mean, really quickly! If you have chosen to feed your baby purees (as opposed to, say, doing the baby-led weaning approach), and you have a hungry kind of fellow, you will discover that you will go through baby food incredibly quickly. If you are willing to put in a little extra time in order to save a few bucks, you can make your own pureed baby food for much cheaper than you can buy in the stores!

For instance, I can find organic bananas in my city for about $0.79 a pound. There are about 3 bananas in a pound, making them about 5.3 oz each. For simplicity’s sake, let’s say after peeling them, each banana weighs a little over 4oz—the same size as a typical jar of baby food. This means once you’ve mashed the bananas, you end up with about 3 jar’s worth of baby food, for a whopping $0.79 total!

In contrast, a 4oz jar of organic banana baby puree at the same store I bought the organic bananas at costs $1.29! So for $0.79 and maybe ten minutes of work at home, you get the same amount of baby food that would cost $3.87 at the store! You might point out that if you make your own baby food, you also need to have containers to store the food in, and utensils to mash or blend the food with, all of which cost money—though if you already have a blender, this cost goes down. Small mason jars or even ice cube trays, which many people already have on hand, can be used to store freshly prepared baby food in as well. You also have the freedom to make up combinations of baby food that don’t even exist in stores! Is your child like mine and likes to mash his beef into his applesauce? Now you make a beef-and-applesauce puree that your child will love, even if you want to barf while making it! Homemade baby food is a little time consuming, but can end up saving quite a bit of money versus buying jarred baby food in the long run.

Six Inexpensive Things To Do With Children Outside

Posted on May 12th, 2015 by Freebie Felicia


We all want to get outside with our little ones, but often find ourselves just staring at each other wondering what to do. Here are six ideas for getting outside with our children that don’t cost an arm or a leg.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

My little guy is really into bugs and I use that to my advantage when we are outside. We save the lives of worms baking on a hot side walk, look for caterpillars and announce when butterflies fly past. It happened so often that we decided to make a game of it. Now we look for a list of bugs as well as new animals. We make a list of critters (from cats to bugs) and go looking for them at the park or in the neighborhood.

Play Games

There are many games that just aren’t right for inside. Tag, Red Rover and other childhood games are made for the outside. You can tell by all the running and jumping around. These are a few of the games that you and your child can play. You can also make up your own games.

Side Walk Chalk

Side walk chalk is great no matter where you live. If you live near a side walk, have a cement balcony or a cement driveway you can use side walk chalk. Use it to draw a hopscotch or tic tac toe game. Or you can just draw pretty pictures. It’s up to you.

Play With Fire

One night have a very well monitored (and legal) fire pit. Roast marshmallows on a stick and make s’mores, they can be the dessert for the roasted hot dogs on a stick. Tell stories and teach fire safety. This will also teach them the basics of outdoor cooking.


Whether you have a potted flower next to the door or an entire vegetable garden, working in the dirt can be rewarding. It can teach your children to have greater respect for the Earth, knowing that our food comes from it and that we need safe and clean places to grow that food. It also teaches them patience. You need to wait to see a plant grow. There is no instant gratification in a garden.

Cloud Watching

Lay in the backyard or on a beach with your little one and talk about the colors and shapes of clouds. Watch a storm come in together. Just make sure to get indoors before it starts to rain on you. Cloud expeditions can naturally lead to talking about other things in life, which is why you are out with your little one to begin with.



Reviving Dry Erase Markers

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markers copy


Maybe you’re a teacher who uses whiteboards at school. Maybe you’re a parent who keeps a grocery list or to-do list whiteboard up in your kitchen. Maybe your kids have whiteboards to play with in their art area. At any rate, you might find out that you’re blowing through your stash of dry erase markers much faster than you’d care to replace them. Before you head to the store to buy more, try one or more of these tips below! You may end up getting a few more weeks or months out of your markers than you thought possible!

  • Store them differently. Do you store them vertically, tip-up? Gravity drains the ink down to the bottom, away from the tip, so when you go to use markers stored this way, they may seem dry, when really the ink is just all at the bottom! Store them tip-down until they work again, and then store them on their sides, horizontally, from then on.


  • Dip tip in alcohol. If your marker isn’t water-based (it will say this on the packaging), dip the tip in rubbing alcohol or acetone nail polish remover. The ink might have dried into a crust on the pen tip, and alcohol will dissolve this gunk and allow the ink to flow freely again. Make sure you test an alcohol-dipped pen on a small section on your whiteboard to ensure it won’t damage it. If this doesn’t work:


  • Snip off the tip. But not too much! Use scissors to snip off just the part covered in crusty ink.


  • Clean your whiteboard. Do you only use your eraser on your board, but have never really wiped it clean with anything else? Leftover dried ink and dust can make it hard for new things to be written on your whiteboard. Use a whiteboard cleaner and clean rag to scrub your whiteboard clean! Get off all the old streaks and marks that you can. Let it dry, and try writing on it again.

Hopefully these tips help you extend the life of your dry erase markers for a while longer!

New Printable Coupons!

Posted on May 8th, 2015 by Coupon Cathy

You can never have too many coupons! Take a look at these new printable coupons and print your favorites. :)

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A Thrifty Mother’s Day

Posted on May 8th, 2015 by Discount Debbie


It’s not that we don’t appreciate mom enough to splurge on her. It’s that we just don’t have a budget that will cooperate with splurging all that much. Here are a few tips for those that fall into this category.

Craft Flowers

While I’m sure mom would love the coffee filter flowers, there is a more refined crafted flower out there to make for mom. Check out for a few flower crafting ideas. They may take a bit of time but they will be very pretty for mom and will last longer.

If paper flowers just aren’t in your crafting ability pick up some fake flowers at the dollar store. Remove the petals from the stems and leaves and mix and match the petals. Then put the new flowers back together. You will end up with more colorful and fuller flowers. To go the extra mile outline the petals with a gold, silver, or matching glitter glue.


Cards are easier than ever to make, and you can get as creative as you would like without spending a dime. Upload a family picture to and use overlays, framing, and color tinting to turn it into a great visual. Add some loving words in a nice font. You can either have it printed and mailed out, or send it as an attachment to your mom in an email. If you aren’t sure you’re that tech savvy you can also use to create and send mom a digital card. They have step by step instructions to get you through the process.

A Gift of Self

When you have a talent, share it with your mom. Make a dinner for her and bring paper products or do the dishes so she doesn’t have to. Start a garden with her or let your children start a garden with her. Spend time through out the year tending the garden. You could also make a blanket or quilt for her if that is your gift.




Repurposing Items For Kid’s Art

Posted on May 8th, 2015 by Freebie Felicia

kidsart copy

My daughter loves to do art. Painting, gluing, drawing, coloring, it doesn’t matter, if it is a creative sort of activity she is all over it. The thing is, art supplies can get crazy expensive at the rate she blows throw them! If I were buying scrapbook and other art materials every week to replenish the supplies she uses, I’d be broke before any of our essential bills got deducted out of our bank account! Anyway, because of that I’ve taken to using things around the house that aren’t necessarily earmarked as traditional art supplies to keep our art cabinets well-stocked. Some of what we use are:

Toilet Paper Rolls. These can be turned into anything from binoculars to telescopes to wheels or even small animals. They can be painted, colored, cut up… the possibilities are endless!

Cereal boxes. Instead of banishing these to the recycle bin, we cut them up. The front and back make for a good sized canvas that’s stronger than paper, so it can hold up to gluing and paint better than plain scrap paper will.

Pasta. Macaroni and other shaped pasta has long been a standby in kid’s art. Large pasta with holes can be strung on yarn to make necklaces and bracelets. Older kids can glue colored pasta onto paper in patterns or pictures.

Old marker caps. Have a bunch of dried-up markers you’re about to throw away? My daughter picked through a pile destined for the trash when I wasn’t looking and started gluing the colorful caps onto her pictures. Since then I’ve saved the caps and tossed them in her “stuff to glue” art bins. I just make sure to keep them out of reach of her 1 year old brother, since they are a choking hazard to younger kids!

Fabric scraps. Are you a crafty person yourself? Do you have a bunch of fabric scraps sitting around? Cut some up into smaller bits and let your children use them in their art. It’s a fun way to add a little texture and color to other art supplies.

What else have your kids used in their masterpieces?

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