Organization That Saves Money When You Have Kids

Posted on January 21st, 2015 by Discount Debbie


Children are endearing, but come up a little short understanding the concept or need for organization. As a result, you may be organizing only to find your little one has destroyed your system. It’s not their fault… well, it is, but you can’t lose patience. Instead try a few of these tips.

Cards, Keys, Legal Documents

When you have children being organized isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Ours have a tendency to move things. We don’t keep items of importance in our wallets anymore. Even kept out of reach we end up replacing lost driver licenses, keys, and check cards. Our saving grace has often been that our wallets aren’t usually hit by the Toddle Squad at the same time.

Instead of keeping things in our wallets we now keep them in binders. Keys can be locked into the rings. Cards can go in a pencil bag instead of a wallet while at home. You are far more likely to notice a binder missing when a toddler hauls it off than a wallet. We then either refill the wallets before we leave the house or take the entire binder with us, depending on how many important documents we need. What we don’t end up doing is spending money on replicas of our cards, keys, and legal documents.


Bills come before they need to be paid by about two weeks. If you have a little one who loves to check the mail but may not bring all of it back, try this. Have something in the mail for them. The more items in the mail they have for themselves (like magazines, books, or toys that all can be ordered on free sample sites) the less interested they will be in your mail. Make it a rule to sort mail only after you get in the house and you are set. Another thing you could do is go paperless. Just set up a folder in your email for your bills, mark them unread until you pay them, and you’re all set.

How do you keep organized with little ones in the house?





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