One More Use for a Playpen

Posted on August 22nd, 2013 by Discount Debbie

A sad thing has happened this past week. Our little man has out grown his playpen. We can tell by the way he rocks it, trying to knock it over. My husband and I take our playpen every where. We’ve taken it to the beach so our little one won’t burn his feet on the hot sand. We have taken it to a friends’ home, so our child has a place to play that isn’t our friends’ toilet. We have even taken it on the road so that our son has a familiar place to sleep.  We aren’t happy to retire our old friend.

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Before we retire the playpen however, we have one more way to use it.  We tipped it on its side and draped a blanket over the top to make a toddler sized fort. We put a few toys in it to get our little guy’s attention and he climbed right in. The mesh are great windows to watch him play in a mostly contained area.

We can still use it in the ways he had before. When we take it to the beach and put a towel in the bottom part to keep him off the sand. It also now acts to shade him partially from the sun. We can take it to peoples’ homes and sometimes their kids join ours in his fort.

He loves it because he can get in and out of it by himself without any problems and it has a few of his favorite toys to play with. When he’s tired of playing with me but still wants to be in the same room as me, he hides in his little fort and plays and keeps himself busy for a while.

We like it because we can still see that he’s using the playpen. Now however, he is not rocking it. We can watch him while he plays and sometimes stick our heads in to visit and play along with him. We also love it because it brings back childhood memories of fort building that we are happy to pass onto our boy.

Our playpen fort



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