Not So Great Weight Loss Products to Stop Wasting Money On!

Posted on March 17th, 2015 by Discount Debbie

weight loss

With warmer weather comes the desire to lose weight and fit into that bathing suit in the back of our closet by summer. There are so many diets and diet options out there that it can be hard to choose the one best for us. Here are few it may be best to save your money and skip.


One of the easiest ways to lose weight is to pop a pill, but it’s not one of the safest. It doesn’t matter that it is being sold over the counter, or that they have slapped all natural over the label. If you insist on buying one of these diet supplements please talk to your doctor and pharmacist about using these items first. Ask about the possibility of interactions with other drugs or herbal supplements you are taking already. Last follow the directions on the bottle to the letter. Many of these diet pills require a certain diet and amount of water to be consumed during pill use. There are health reasons usually connected to these directions.

Food Systems and Food Replacement

These are systems that send you food, or require that you buy certain types of frozen dinners. Powdered supplements or weight loss shakes also fall into this area. The first thing you need to ask yourself about these items is if they will actually satisfy your food cravings. Will you eat/drink them only to find out your tummy wants so much more in a meal? There are actually plenty of low calorie foods that will satisfy your hunger. They will be good for the whole family to use and end up costing less than the shakes and frozen meals (and guilty pleasure snacks).

Lazy Exercise Devices

I’ll admit that sitting on the couch with a belt wrapped around my waist, electrocuting all the fat off of me sounds pretty good. Getting rid of water weight by using a body glove that makes me sweat more sounds good too. Neither is supposed to be used by itself. Both require true exercise in addition to the product. With that in mind, along with the quality of the device, it would be, in my opinion, better to just exercise without the fancy devices.



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