New Traditions To Try For Memorial Day

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veterans cemetery memorial celebration with American Flag


Memorial day is coming up; it’s Monday the 30th of this month. (Where on earth did May go? I cannot believe we are almost into June!) Though it’s not a huge holiday that gets a whole section of the grocery store filled with specific candies and gifts, it is still a very important holiday that should be celebrated in some form or another. I have a few ideas below of simple things you can do this upcoming Memorial Day to remember your loved ones and show appreciation to our soldiers and veterans.

Share fond memories

Have everyone write up their favorite memory of a loved one who has passed and go around the table at dinnertime, or take turns as you stand by the grave to read them aloud. This puts the focus on the happy times each person had with that individual, and allows others to share in the joyful memories as well.

Take a special gift to the graves

Collect a few flowers from your garden or stop by the store to pick up a special bouquet or gift to leave at the gravesites. It doesn’t need to be extravagant, just something that is meaningful.

Write a letter to a soldier/veteran

Have the kids write letters to soldiers thanking them for their service. You should write one aswell! Memorial Day is meant to memorialize lost loved ones and family members and for remembering the brave veterans who gave their lives to serve. There are so many great organizations that get the letters sent out to troops, and there are likely a few drop-off locations in your area!

Be Patriotic

Wear red, white and blue, and decorate the house with a few patriotic decorations as well. Whip out the American flags and other decorations that you usually only set up for the 4th of July; they’re perfect for Memorial Day.

Have a barbeque

In standard Memorial Day fashion, dust off the grill and have a barbeque! It doesn’t need to be a large event and you don’t even need to invite anyone extra. Just grill up some dinner with the family and eat outside!


It doesn’t take much to make Memorial Day more than just a day off from work. Spend time together as a family and try out a few of the above suggestions, or make some new traditions of your own this year!


Do you have any Memorial Day traditions? Let us know in the comments below!

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