Natural Homemade Cold Remedies

Posted on January 28th, 2015 by Discount Debbie

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Cold and flu season has struck our home. I was so relieved that both of our children were healthy enough for our entire family to go to church together on Sunday. Then, my daughter woke up congested and coughing. Two days later, my son was coughing, too. Here we go again…

Is it that way at your house these days?

Honey-Lemon Tea. Studies have shown that honey has antibacterial properties that help fight the common cold. It is also soothing to the throat and helps reduce inflammation, which may accompany a sore throat. As a matter of fact, my children’s pediatrician recommends a teaspoon of honey about a half hour before bed time to help ease that yucky night time cough. It has actually been proven to be more effective in preventing and reducing coughing thanĀ over the counter cough suppressants.

Elderberry Syrup. Elderberries have antibacterial and antiviral components to help fight off cold and flu symptoms. Check out this easy recipe for yummy elderberry syrup. If your children are like mine, they will remind you, if you forget to give it to them, because it’s yummy!

Cinnamon and Honey. Cinnamon also has antibacterial qualities to fight off colds, especially at first signs of sickness. Add 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon to a teaspoon of honey and you will have a tasty remedy that won’t be a struggle to get your children to take.

Homemade Bone Broth. Grandma’s chicken soup may have seemed like just a comfort when you were sick. But science has backed up the immunity building properties of chicken broth. So enjoy that bowl or cup of broth, knowing it really is good for you and your children!

I had several “tea parties” yesterday with the children. I think that today, we will add a little “broth party” to the mix. In reality, it’s helping me get this good stuff in my body, too!


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