My Favorite Jello Cake

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Growing up, my favorite cake was always what my mom called Jello Cake. She’d make a white cake and then pour liquid Jello on top after poking a few holes into it, and viola! We’d have a colorful and delicious treat! Poke cake is a fun dessert for the 4th Of July because you can make it look really patriotic with red and blue jello. But don’t just do those colors, experiment with lots of different colors for a really unique cake!

I’ve included the recipe for the cake below, enjoy!



  • Prepared White Cake
  • Whipped Cream (Beat 1 pint cream, then add 3 Tablespoons powdered sugar once soft peaks form. Add more sugar to taste.)
  • 2 boxes of 3 oz. Jello
  • 2 cups boiling water
  • Berries for decoration




  1. Bake the cake, and then poke holes throughout it. (You can use a fork, a bamboo skewer stick, whatever you’d like.)
  2. Mix each box of Jello with 1 cup each boiling water, stir until the Jello is completely dissolved.
  3. Pour the hot liquid Jello over the top of the cake carefully. You can do one color on each side, or go for a tie-dye design!
  4. Refrigerate cake for at least an hour, and then frost with whipped cream and decorate with berries.




This is a really great recipe to do with kids. They’ll have a blast poking holes into the cake. If you do want them to help with pouring the Jello, make sure that is has cooled down enough before they pour it. Have fun with this cake, it’s a great one! It’s sure to be a hit at your next gathering!







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