Moving Out Of An Apartment Fee-less

Posted on January 14th, 2014 by Discount Debbie

The only thing worse than the fees for moving into an apartment can be the fees for moving out. With a few tweeks in daily routines, pet upkeep and a few timely phone calls those fees can be greatly reduced.

Clean Regularly

Most often the things we get charged with are cleaning related. This isn't just for carpets or bathtub rings. We now make sure we clean the oven, fridge and behind and under these type of appliances. We  clean the windows and mirrors. We also try to  remember the hood above the stove.


Pets can be destructive. They claw of carpet, leave marks on hard wood floors and destroy blinds while trying to get a peak outside. What can I say? We love them anyway. The best way to deal with these antics are to keep a pets nails clipped and leave the blinds partially open so the animal can look through the window without interacting with the blinds.

Call Maintenance

Many things can get broken or stop working in an apartment. We change batteries in smoke detectors and change the air filters in the apartment. We also call maintenance  when apartment items stop working quickly so that we don't forget it's broken and end up paying for it later

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