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Posted on January 1st, 2015 by Freebie Felicia


Money is many things to many different people. We all look at money in a different way. It could be the bane of our existence. It could be seen as a needed concept that improved upon a trade system.


People became tired of bartering and dragging corn back and forth to cities to buy a cow. So instead they place a value amount on a coin made of a precious metal and took it to the city instead. Others accepted it and in turn used it to go out to the cow owner’s farm to buy corn. Money was invented and we continue to play hot potato with it to buy goods.


I would be remiss if I didn’t get this one out of the way. Many people believe money to be evil. People hoard it. The desire for money causes people do horrible things. The lack of it makes people feel helpless and desperate. Yes, the world would be a better place without money.


On the other hand there are those who view money as a tool. It is used to build society on both a global and family level alike. Like a hammer it can be used to build. Like a hammer it can be used to bang holes in a wall. How you use it determines whether it is a force for good or a force for evil.

Made Up Concept

When it comes down to it, humans made up money. Go us! After all, money is a piece of paper or a hunk of metal that represents the value of a gold rock. We use that representation to pay for all sorts of items we place a value on. If you the exchange the value of a gold rock in the form of a piece of paper we can have what is of equal or less value. Who determines the value of the gold rock? Humanity. Who determines the value of the piece of metal or paper? Humanity.  Who determines the value of an item to be bought? Necessity and Humanity. If you need further proof consider the credit card. It is a piece of plastic that is used to represent future money. Money that doesn’t exist yet. To sum this concept up the entire human race (barring a few tribes in the Amazon) decided to make up money. We thought it would make barter easier. So far, it hasn’t.

How Do You See Money?


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