Mastering Mailing Mayhem – Keeping Packages from Getting Lost

Posted on December 12th, 2014 by Discount Debbie


Mailing packages is crazy during this time of year. They get lost, stolen, and end up places they were never meant to be. Best of all you are stressed about it because they’re your holiday gifts. Here are a few ways to beat the mailing mayhem and get Santa’s deliveries on time.


Make sure you get a tracking number for your package. If you are sending your package to someone else make sure they have that tracking number. Keep track of where the package is. Communicate with each other on whether or not your parcel has been delivered. If you are the receiver, get a list from the giver of what items are in the package. Let them know if something did not arrive or if the wrong item was sent.

Call Around

Are you unable to find your package? Ask your neighbors or rental office if the delivery was made to them. The post office may have left it in their care, or it may have been delivered to the wrong address. Call or visit rental offices and post offices when you are expecting packages, but haven’t received them yet. Sometimes the delivery note is forgotten or misplaced.

Apply For Resend/Refund

When an item that you are waiting for is marked delivered, but you have not yet received it, check with the store to see how they can help you. They may be out of an item, in which case they should offer a refund. You could also ask that they resend an item. Stores are often willing to work to meet your needs.

Another Address

Should you have too many issues with your mail service, try having your packages sent to a friends home, or renting a P.O. Box. It may also be easier to request your packages to be held and pick them up at the post office.

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