Making Your “Stuff” Last Longer

Posted on August 9th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

We invest thousands of dollars into appliances, furniture, electronics, kitchen gadgets, etc. If we are spending this much money, we want our stuff to last a while so we don’t have buy new stuff before it’s time. Some simple steps can help your things last longer and in awesome working order for a while.

1. Appliances. Make sure you keep filters cleaned and changed. Keep them clean too. A lot of problems are caused by dirt and spills. Check your hoses, make sure everything is connected properly and just keep an eye on things.

2. Candles. This is awesome! Freeze your candles before you use them and they’ll end up lasting almost twice as long!

3. Fruit. Keep it in the fridge instead of on the counter. This will make it ripen slower and not rot as quickly.

4. Vehicles. This is a big expense when things go wrong. Simply keeping up on your car’s maintenance will help it last longer. Also keeping your tires properly inflated will help your gas mileage.

5. Kitchen cabinets. Humidity overtime can kill wood cabinets. Do your best to keep your kitchen free of humidity and don’t let water sit anywhere. Use mild soap and rags to clean them and ever use anything abrasive.

6. Mattresses. Make sure you invest in a good waterproof cover and rotate them and flip them monthly. This will extend the life of your mattress by years.

7. Photographs. Colors fade over time. The best way to preserve your memories is to make digital copies of them.

8. Tires. Rotate them every time you get an oil change. This will make sure they wear evenly.

9. Wicker furniture. Most of us have wicker furniture outside for patio usage. If you do that, the weather and moisture can destroy it over time. To help protect it  polyurethane it.

10. Clothing. Follow the care instructions. Don’t dry on high heat either. If you can line dry your clothes. Dryers will wear clothes quicker.

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