Making The Best Use Of Sick Days

Posted on March 4th, 2014 by Discount Debbie

Getting sick can make some people stir crazy for their work environment. I’m one of those people. I feel that I should tough it out and go to work in spite of not feeling well. I don’t want to lose hours on the work week and, as a result, money. Not taking time off, however could result in bigger problems medically. That could also cost money. Besides, there are ways to be productive even when I am home.

Get Better

In this fast pace day and age more and more people don’t want to take the time to be sick. This will just lead to being even more sick or being sick for a longer period of time. One of the best pieces of advise a pharmacist ever gave me about being sick was to drink water and get some rest. I go to the doctor when I need to, but for the most part on a sick day I sleep and sip on a favorite herbal tea. I am usually back to work and feeling fine the next day. If not, at least I’m headed in that direction. Not only does it save me work time where I could be earning money, it can save me from worse medical issues and expenses.

Catch Up

Sometimes I don’t feel sick. Sometimes I’m just contagious. Instead of sharing my new found condition with the rest of my work group I stay home. This doesn’t mean that I have to sit in bed bottling up all my energy. I can use that time to work on project planning, or make phone calls to those I need to. Even if I don’t have a job I can work from home I can get caught up on things around the house such as the laundry. It will cause me less stress in the future to have just one more thing done. Who knows. I may even be able to stay caught up.

Get Ahead

Once I’m all caught up, and if I have the energy, I try getting ahead. I can brainstorm ideas for the coming month. I could study aspects of my profession to better myself in my field of work. I could even make an action plan for home to help me remain stress free during my time off. ¬†All of these things would be a useful use of my time when I’m sick. Above all however, getting better is the best.

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