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Posted on August 19th, 2014 by Discount Debbie

school supplies

I have noticed lately that many stores have tried to make their school supplies more affordable. This is a good thing, particularly for those families that are a little larger than others. Still, no one wants to need to spend more than they have to, so here are a few ways to make schools supplies last, along with your money.

Keep Track of Writing Items

Nothing gets lost faster than pens and pencils when it comes to school supplies. We lose them, give them away, and let others borrow them. This is a shame because often we haven’t used the pencil to its fullest potential. I have noticed that most pens have about two thirds of the ink left in them before discarded or lost. Instead try using one pen or pencil at a time, keeping them stored in a pencil case or bag that fits into a binder. Use the pen until the ink is completely used up or the pencil until it’s down to a nub.

Use Both Sides of The Paper

Some schools have decided to issue their students with laptops for schoolwork, but not all have. Until then, many schools and school students need to both use and conserve loose leaf paper. I have often seen only one side of loose leaf paper used when school work is done. This is sometimes mandatory for types of work that need to be turned in. But when it comes to notes, both sides of the paper could be used. It can help save on paper. If you want to be more extreme, refrain from writing social notes, making paper airplanes, and doodling.

School Supply Advancements

Companies that make school supplies want to keep your business. For this purpose they try to improve their product, and some are pretty good improvements. The best I have seen recently is a binder that has flexible rings and lays flat. This would extend the life of school binders. Don’t buy into every school supply achievement, but keep a look out for improvements that will stretch your dollar more.

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