Making Old Hobbies New

Posted on March 5th, 2014 by Discount Debbie

A hobby is a fun use of time that usually benefits both yourself and your family. Over time the hobby may grow stagnant if it isn’t given a new twist and it can be expensive to switch hobbies. You could end up with education and material expenses that at the moment you can’t afford. Let’s not forget the wasted closet of yarn from the old hobby. Instead why not try something new with the new hobby?

Learn A New Aspect

Perhaps you’re a great dessert chef or make the best salads. Expand your ability by learning to cook something new, like making soups or exploring vegan alternatives. If you’re into yarn work like crochet try learning a new stitch or try a different pattern. Maybe you’re a writer who mainly dabbles in poetry. Instead try to write a children’s story or a short story. ┬áThere are many free internet tips, recipes, and crafting patterns to try. The worst that can happens is that it doesn’t turn out as well as you hoped and you lose a few resources. The best thing that can happen is that you find something that you enjoy and expand both your knowledge and talents.


When you have mastered a certain talent, such as painting or drawing, you can always try to share your gift with others. Start out by helping a few friends learn for free. Ask around to see who would be interested in learning from you. Volunteer to teach a class at a local church or as an after school activity. Eventually, if you wanted you could even charge a fee for your class. Either way, giving others a creative outlet can be fun and fulfilling.


You have put a great deal of effort into your origami bonsai trees. You have perfected them and now people are actually requesting one of your creations when they see them in your home. Now may be a good time to start selling your craft. A good place to start could be with friends who have expressed an interest. Another idea would to be to rent a booth at a local craft fair. Or you could drop by local offices to see if they would be willing to display your product in their lobby with business cards close by. Holidays such as Mothers Day, Christmas, or Chinese New Year are great times to offer your services.

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