Making Healthy Choices This Thanksgiving

Posted on November 26th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

Thanksgiving is traditionally the kickoff to the holiday season, the shopping frenzy (oh, I mean the shopping season) and the not-as-popular holiday weight gain. It also happens to be cold and flu season. And, do you know what one food item bears the greatest responsibility for tearing down our immune system? Sugar. So, if you’d prefer not to add on the pounds and you’d prefer not to get sick, there are choices you can make to increase your chances of staying healthy.

Sugar. Sugar is the biggest culprit when it comes to weight gain and to lowered immunity. You can’t help how other people make their foods. But, you can make some substitutions when you’re making your own. Honey, maple syrup and rapadura/sucanat are all unprocessed sweeteners that taste just as good in pies, cookies and anything else that calls for white processed sugar. I only use honey now for all our baked goods, desserts and even in my coffee every morning. I’d encourage you to use local, raw honey if you can get it.

Fats. Studies now tell us that the low-fat diet is not as healthy as it was once believed to be. It’s important to eat fats, good fats. Here’s more on why good fats are good for you and can help you lose weight. So, skip the margarine and “low-fat” options and use real butter, coconut oil and even lard! What you’ll find is that eating the real stuff–which tastes better, incidentally–makes you feel full sooner. So, you don’t need as much to feel satisfied.

Artificial Flavoring. As much as possible avoid “artificial flavoring.” What is that, anyway? It’s artificial. First, it’s not as good as the real thing. Use your own herbs and spices and real flavors created by using real food. Second, there are people who have adverse reactions to artificial flavorings. Last, some say that artificial flavorings are also responsible for weight gain.


There are no guarantees, though. If you sit next to someone who is hacking their lungs out on your flight, you might just get those germs. If you are eating very healthy but are not sleeping well and are stressed, you may still get sick and even gain weight. I say make it real. It tastes better and is better for you. And, it’s usually cheaper to make it on your own!

What healthy choices do you make during the holidays?

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