Makeup hacks every woman should know.

Posted on November 11th, 2017 by Uncategorized

I know when it comes to makeup, not many people, including myself know what to do! Here are some hacks that can save you the money your wallet deserves.

  1. Dry and clumpy mascara? Grab some eyedrops and place 3-4 drops into it and mix it all up. Good as new!
  2. Wanting more lashes with more volume? Put color-less powder in between mascara coats!
  3. Have a pencil for eyeliner, but really want that gel? No problem! Find a lighter, and light it just enough that the makeup gets soft.
  4. Want to make that eyeshadow pop? Cover the eye with a white color to have that color appear more vibrant!
  5. Mascara on your eyelids? Stop that nonsense! Go grab a spoon out of your kitchen and place it on the eyelid to ensure that the mascara wont get there.
  6. Wish your eyelashes would curl better? Heat up your eyelash curler with a blow dryer to make the curls appear bigger and better.
  7. Wanting more lip colors? Get powder and petroleum jelly and simply mix it for a paste. Once that’s done, apply to the lips.
  8. Needing to blot your face? But in public area with no solution? Go to the bathroom and find a toilet seat cover, and use that to take care of those oily splotches.
  9. Dark circles under your eyes? Get some hot water, tea bags, and apply those bad boys right under your eyes to liven them up.

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