Make Summer Deals Your Holiday Gifts

Posted on August 8th, 2012 by Discount Debbie


I know. I know. You think I’m crazy for mentioning the “H” word in August. Perhaps it is because I live in one of the hottest cities in the nation, or just because I can be a romantic, I’m already looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas. However, it’s not just for romance sake; there’s a practical side too.

Who says we have to wait until commercials tell us to go buy Christmas presents in order to buy Christmas presents? I have found some great deals lately that I’ve decided to turn into Christmas gifts. I recently got a great deal on a couple of educational toys for my children. Everything in me wants to give it to them now. However, it will be just as fun and just as educational in just a few months. So, I’m throwing some Christmas wrapping paper around them now (in order to keep me from caving)!

There are great deals on office and school supplies now. That includes crayons and craft supplies. So, while it’s fun to use all these crafts and crayons now, think through what you may want to save or use as part of a gift just a few months from now.

If you live in a city like mine, you can actually keep wearing some summer attire in the fall and winter. So, as summer items go on clearance, think about clothes that may work as gifts where appropriate.

Companies like Shutterfly and VistaPrint make offers available all year long. Walgreens and Target sometimes have free print deals. Keep an eye out for any offer that may work as a gift for a friend or family member (whoever would appreciate pictures of your family). Right now, VistaPrint has a fantastic deal on a personalized calendar. You can post your own pictures and personalize dates on a 12-month calendar (you decide the 12-month period). The calendar is free; shipping is $5.32. Head over to VistaPrint between now and August 31 to take advantage of this great gift idea!

Have you started your Christmas/holiday shopping yet?

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