Magical Reindeer Food Tradition

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Christmas Reindeer Cartoon


For as long as I can remember, just as we’d leave cookies for Santa, we’d feed his reindeer as well because they’re the ones flying Santa from each and every house! That has got to be absolutely exhausting, so the reindeer need some “magic” food to keep their energy levels up.

All that you need to make this “magic” reindeer food are rolled oats and sprinkles, and if you’d like, some glitter! Simply pour some oats into a large bowl and mix in the sprinkles and glitter, and then pour a cup or two into individual bags, one for each child.

On Christmas Eve night, before we’d all head to bed, we would always go out to our front lawn and throw the magic food all over the snow. The oats are what give the reindeer their energy and keep them full, and the sprinkles and glitter are the magic that help the reindeer keep flying. They also sparkle on the snow (or grass) so that the reindeer can see it!

This was such a fun tradition for my siblings and me when we were growing up. It was the highlight of Christmas Eve night, and something that we’re all going to continue with our children in the future. I always make up a little extra to give to any kids I meet with in the days leading up to Christmas, along with a short “magic reindeer food” poem to accompany it, just so that parents don’t think I’m giving their children glittery oatmeal.

All you’d need to do is google “reindeer food poem” and there are lots of free pintables that will pop up that you can print and attach to the bag.


Did you have any fun traditions that you continue with your kids now? Let me know in the comments, I love reading about everyone’s traditions!

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