Lowering Your Grocery Bill but Not Your Health

Posted on April 10th, 2015 by Discount Debbie

healthy cooking

We all want to eat healthy. We also want to make it to work on time. With the right ingredients and kitchen tools we can do that, and it doesn’t have to hurt our budget.


Mixes are the best way to go for breakfast foods. First, you will still have time to make a healthy breakfast without shoving something in the microwave or toaster. Second, many of these mixes only require you to add an egg and water or milk. Then mix it and cook it. The best mixes for this are muffin mixes and pancake mixes. The muffin mixes come with blueberries or cranberries already in the mix, but you can add frozen berries to your pancakes to add a little variety.

For days you need a little more heat or substance have oatmeal or creamy wheat. Don’t buy individual servings. Buy the big canister or box of these hot cereals. They cook up fast and you can add peanut butter, spices, or all sorts of fruits to them.

Last, for when you’re literally running out the door, keep whole wheat bagels on hand. They can have flavors and fruits in them, but they will be much healthier than a toaster pastry. If you have ten seconds you can even add some cream cheese to it.


For most of us lunch is a meal to keep hunger at bay between breakfast and dinner (providing we have eaten breakfast) and we often either skip it or go over board. A simple solution is fruit parfaits and fruit shakes. Get a big tub of regular yogurt, some frozen or canned fruit, a box of granola, and some skim milk. That’s all you need to make your own parfaits or fruit shakes. For a parfait mix your yogurt, a fourth cup of granola and some fruit together. You have a fruit parfait. For a shake blend the yogurt, fruit, and half a cup of milk together. If you would rather have a smoothie, replace the milk with crushed ice. For those of us on the go prepare your parfait the night before and just grab it and go in the morning.


For the busy Thrifty Diva who wants to eat right, the crock pot is your best friend when it comes to dinner. You can find recipes all over the internet. You can used dried beans to make meals which are often less expensive than their canned and ready to go counterparts. You can also used canned chicken or stew meat to cut costs on chili, soups, or stews.

You can get your ingredients together the night before, set it up to cook in the morning, and it will be done cooking when you get home. If you are concerned about leaving it to cook alone you could check on it at lunch time or (if you have your own office) take it to work with you. Just plug it in, set it in a corner, and take it home with you that night. If you don’t have your own work space ask if you can set it up in the break room.


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