Kool-Aid for Dying Eggs

Posted on March 13th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

Easter is almost here! Those cute little egg dying kits are out now too and at around $5 a package, it can get expensive if you need to dye a lot of eggs. But we have a Thrifty Diva alternative and it really works! All you need is Kool-Aid packets. You can use the off-brand too and save even more money. At 10 cents a piece usually, you really have the potential to dye eggs for very cheap using this method.

What You Need
Bowls or cups filled with just enough water to cover an egg
Hardboiled eggs
Assorted colors of Kool-Aid Mix

What To Do
1. Fill your cups/bowels with water. Just enough to cover your eggs.
2. Put in one mix per cup. I did cherry, grape, orange, lemonade, lemon lime and pink lemonade. Mix in your water well.
3. Slowly place the eggs in the cups and let sit for up to 3 minutes depending on the intensity you want.
4. Take out and dry. An egg carton is great for letting your eggs dry.
5. Hide them!

WIll you be skipping high priced egg dying kits this year?  

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