It’s Only A Bargain If…

Posted on May 4th, 2015 by Discount Debbie


Everywhere we looks there are deals. We have sales on food products, decoration products, and any other type of product we can think of. There are coupons that will get you two products for the price of one or at least fifteen cents off. That doesn’t mean that we should cash in on every bargain that comes our way.

You Use It

The truth of the matter is that an item is only worth any type of money if we can use it. It’s easy to decide not to buy cat food when you don’t have a cat (and all of us have the common sense not to make that purchase), but what about when the product is something else. When you buy an article of clothing you can determine if you will use it by thinking of a working outfit to go around it based on your current wardrobe. When you can’t think of anything you own to go with your potential purchase it’s time to accept, no matter how cute the shoes are, you can’t make them fit into your current wardrobe.

You Have Room For It

This may come as a shock to the Thrifty Diva, but many people own a whole bunch of stuff they don’t even live with. That’s why the storage unit business is doing as well as it does. When you own more stuff than can fit in your living space, two things can happen. Either you spend to keep your stuff somewhere else, or you need to get rid of stuff you already have. There is a third option of living in a hoarder’s paradise, but few of us can handle that kind of hoarder environment.

You Actually Need A Replacement

There is always a  newer model of the same old product on store shelves. This is true of everything from cars to waffle irons. Many of us feel the need to replace things we have with better looking counterparts with more features. That within itself is not a bad thing, but make sure you really need to update what you have. It’s also important to once again ask yourself if you will use, not just the product, but the new features you are paying to get.


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