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Posted on September 4th, 2012 by Discount Debbie

I love reusing stuff. It seriously just makes me feel good about myself 🙂 I have a thousand plastic bags and it makes my day when I get to reuse them for something. But the world of reusing is so much bigger! Here are just a handful of items that serve one purpose, but can be used for a totally different one.

1. Butter wrappers.

I just saw this the other day on a cooking show. A recipe called for softened butter so once the woman took the butter out of the wrapper, she used the wrapper to butter her pan instead of spray. I wonder why I never thought of that!

2. Plastic hangers with clips.

I always have these from clothes I buy my kids. Next time you have them, snap the clip part off and use it for bags of chips or even bread. It works great to close them.

3. Window cleaner bottles or any other cleaning spray bottle. Once you’ve used all the cleaner, get them really clean then use them for anything else you would need a spray cleaner for. There are tons of recipes online for homemade cleaners that cost just pennies. Instead of buying plastic spray bottles, just rinse and reuse your old ones.

4. Coffee cans. Have you ever seen icecream made in them? It’s easy, it’s yummy and kids love it! See a recipe here.

5. Toilet paper rolls. I don’t know about you, but I swear we always have a ton of these! Here is a website with more uses than you would ever want.

What are some things you reuse before you throw them out? 

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