Is Shopping Stressful?

Posted on October 25th, 2011 by Coupon Cathy

Shopping can be a stressful experience or a fun and relaxing one for me. My guess is that you can probably relate to what I’m talking about. Sometimes no matter what you do, it’s just tough. However, there are definitely things I have learned about making couponing more enjoyable.

Early Mornings and Late Nights

I have two children under the age of three right now. If I get out during the day with them, it’s difficult to make that trip a big shopping, much less couponing, trip. So, if I’m going to need to look around a bit for discounted and clearance items or if I’m planning on getting some extreme couponing done, I go shopping once the children have gone to bed! I have reduced the distractions significantly by waiting until after their bedtime. I also find that most of the time the stores are not very busy. So, that makes for a more relaxing, enjoyable experience. And, because it’s not as busy, I have found cashiers to be more accommodating and less uptight when they see me walking up with a handful of coupons.

Once in a while, I can make it happen very early before my husband leaves for work. At our local store, some of the items in the meat department is marked half off the day before the “sell date” on the package. So, I keep an eye out for the meats we prefer and try to get to the store to stock up while they are discounted. I can’t remember the last time we paid full price for our meats. Getting back home by 6:30am with a bag full of deeply discounted meats is a great way to start the day!

Being Prepared

The way I see it, being prepared includes having a list, coupons that match up with the sale items on your list and all other coupons in case you find an unexpected deal. Often stores have unadvertised deals; other times, part way through the week they seem to need to clear any number of items off the shelves. So, keep you coupons with you in some organized fashion so that you can take advantage of all the deals.


Before heading out the door, make sure you have everything. And, before heading to check out, make sure you have all your items and all the coupons for your items. Sort through all your coupons before you get to the register. One of the things that makes couponing most stressful is realizing that a coupon doesn’t actually apply or that you forgot to use a coupon you had on an item not on your list. Make your list and check it twice!

What are other things you do to make your shopping experience enjoyable?


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