Is Being Thrifty Taboo?

Posted on July 23rd, 2012 by Discount Debbie

Have you ever noticed we don’t use the word cheap very often on this site? It’s not that we don’t tell you about awesome cheap deals, but cheap just sounds worse than Thrifty. We are on a mission to take the taboo and embarrassment out of couponing and saving money!

Guess what, saving money is cool! And it’s not just done by people who “need to” or “have to” save money to make it. A lot of us just want the money we are earning to go further. We want more bang for our buck. Why spend $5 on shampoo when I can get it for free. It doesn’t matter how much money you make, free sounds good and that’s $5 in your wallet!

Ever wonder how most wealthy people get that way? They are good with money! So instead of being Thrifty being taboo, it’s actually something to be proud of especially when it does things like gets you out of debt, put money in your wallet and gives you more money to spend on other things!

Wonder what your non-couponing/saving friends will think? They will be amazed. They won’t poke fun at you. When I show my friends my stockpile of shampoo I got for free, they don’t laugh at me, they ask me how I did it. I am their cool couponing friend!

There is nothing that should be taboo about saving and over the years it’s becoming more and more common, but you can help our cause! Tell your friends you coupon or get good deals by researching! Come out of the couponing closet! Share links on your Facebook about great deals you get. Brag more about your stockpile. Get other’s jealous about your loot!

What are you doing to help the coupon cause!? 

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