Is Alternative Electric Power at Home Worth the Investment?

Posted on May 7th, 2014 by Discount Debbie

solar power

Lately I found myself wondering if my financial situation would be better if I started investing in natural energies for my home. I decided to look into it and this is what I discovered.

Wind Power

Home Depot sells wind turbines for the home. They cost about five hundred dollars for the lowest priced one I found. These are twelve volts and produce 400 watts. What can 400 watts power? According to 400 watts can power a couple of  lamps, a window fan, and a laptop at the same time. That’s about it. I will say that it may make a good supplement power. Instead of converting all your power to wind power, shave a little off your bill with it instead.

Solar Power was the first site that I checked out for solar paneling. Including installation the lowest priced package on this site was a little over five thousand dollars. Considering the price of my power each month is around forty dollars this isn’t a great deal for me when it comes to my finances. Those of us with do it yourself experience could check out Home Depot. Their lowest priced solar paneling cost about one hundred and forty dollars. The problem, however, is that it produces only about 105 watts. You can’t power very much in your home with 105 watts.  Not only that, if you live in a place that gets little sun or weather that can damage your panels (like hail) it’s even less worth it to consider solar panels from a financial point of view.


I add skylights to the list of natural power for two reasons. First skylights are a great source of (you guessed it) natural light. This automatically saves you energy on a power bill. It also can help produce natural heat by allowing the sun to warm your home through the reflecting glass of the skylight itself. Installing a skylight costs about two hundred and fifty dollars for a small one and costs keep climbing the bigger the window gets. That lowest price is without the price of installation. Once again, in a place that gets too much snow or hail can be problematic.

My Decision

With this information I feel I’m better off just paying my electric bill instead of investing in natural energies. With the exception of choosing natural energy to supplement your electrical use it’s not really worth it. Even then it could take years to get your investment back.

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