Inexpensive Ways To Get Your Toddler To Love Bath-Time!

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Bath-time can be difficult. Lucky for you though, I’ve compiled a few ideas that may help you convince your kiddo that bath-time can actually be just as fun as play-time (without spending a dime)!


DIY Bath Crayons

There’s something about being able to color on things they normally can’t that kids just love. They get to color all over the tub, their toys, themselves, and the best part is they’re actually getting clean at the same time!

These ingredients are so easy, too. I bet you already have everything you need right now.


  • bar soap
  • a few tablespoons of water
  • & food coloring!

Making these is half the fun! Have your kids help you and you have a fun craft, too!


Grate the bar soap into a medium bowl

Add the water and a few drops of food coloring

Stir, and once incorporated, knead into a paste

Have your kids help you mold these into fun shapes (placing the mixture into a cookie cutter or other mold for at least one day will help the crayon keep its desired shape)

Let dry for an additional 2-3 days

Once they’ve fully dried, they can be played with in the tub for hours!


Re-purposed Bath Toys

You don’t need to go out and buy toys made specifically for the bath tub. Let Barbie take a dive, or use pool toys for extra fun! A few new (or rather, re-purposed) toys can work wonders in motivating your little man or lady to hop into the tub. A great idea, especially for toddlers, is to let them use bowls and measuring cups in the water. They’ll be so entertained pouring the water from cup to cup, or pretending they’re baking bubble cookies in a bowl with a spoon that you’ll wish you’d saved your money on the rubber ducky and brought out your plastic 1/2 cup sooner.

Want some extra special fun on the cheap?

  • Cut up a pool noodle into a bunch of small sections and add them all to the tub
  • Glow-sticks!!! Dim the lights and add some dollar store glow-sticks to the water, I guarantee you your kids will think you’re a genius
  • Buy a kid-friendly bath bomb, the fizzier the better



Homemade Bubble Bath

Bubbles may be all you need to entice your kiddo to take a bath, and making it together beforehand would be so fun.


  • 1 Cup liquid soap or shampoo (Castille works great. Also, make sure to find the tear-free version of whatever you use, if possible)
  • 3/4 cup water
  • 1 tbsp. vegetable glycerin (this makes for more bubbles, and moisturizes their skin!)
  • (optional) essential oils of your choice (lavender is great for soothing crazy kiddos before bedtime)

Then comes the hard part: add the ingredients to a bottle and shake a few times to incorporate. (Just kidding, that’s not hard at all. Unless you don’t have the cap screwed on tight enough and you end up with a luxurious-smelling slippery mess…)


Add a couple tbsp. to the running bath, and boom! You’ve got a relaxing bubble bath for your toddler.


Give these ideas a try and see just how quickly your toddler finds that taking a bath can actually be a lot of fun!


**Remember, never leave your child unsupervised in the tub. Even just a couple inches of water and a few seconds alone can prove to be fatal.**


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